Most Dangerous Road in the World

If you are a threat player, you like to walk on exciting places, then you can go to these paths, this is the world’s most dangerous roads.

Old yungas road Bolivia

Roads of Yungas in Bolivia are called “The Death Road”. In 1995, the International Development Bank ranked it among the world’s most dangerous roads. Every year around 200 people die in the grip of trucks, cars and public Buses. The side of these roads is so dangerous that people are afraid of sitting in the car, even though an alternative route has also made here.

Atlantic road Norway

Atlantic Road is originally proposed as a railway road, Atlantic Road is considered the most natural and most dangerous road in Europe. This road connected with eight bridges remains uninhabited, here it is dangerous for driving the vast ocean waves and high winds. This way people can walk on this road with hobbies playing with dangers.

Guoliang tunnel Road China

It is dangerous to go through China’s road too, this road passing through the mountains is quite frightening. If you have a passion to play with adventure, then you can go on this road

Gorge Road Taiwan

This is another most dangerous road on the earth. Towards the end of the road, George Road is in a narrow street along the road, with deep seafarers. This road is often filled with fast rider vehicle. In such a situation, the simple railing on its edge proves to be unable to stop these high speed vehicles. Many times people are victims of an accident, in such a way that people are given a slow passage here

James Dalton Highway Alaska

James Dalton Highway is also one of the world’s dangerous roads, this highway connects three cities together. Due to the large wet snowy atmosphere of the winds, it is dangerous for pilgrims. Poths and small flying rocks here are enough to hurt pilgrims. If you know how to play with dangers, then you can plan on going on this road trip.

Pan American highway

The Pan-American Highway is also known as the longest motorable road in the world, which is the longest available road. It travels 30000 miles of America from South America to North America. Here you can check your driving skills well. However, the path passing through the forest, mountain, deserts and glacier can be dangerous.

Federal Highway 1 Mexico

This federal highway passes about 1000 miles long and passes through the high rocks of the mountains. This federal highway passes about 1000 miles long and passes through the high rocks of the mountains. In this case if you are not a safe driver then you can not go through this highway, people can go here only, who are passionate and expert in exciting driving.

Trans Siberian Highway Russia

This Trans-Siberian Highway in Russia is one of the longest highways in the world. It spread more than 6800 miles from St Petersburg to Vladivostok. This mountain is a road crossing the jungles and deserts, but it needs to be very careful during the summer, Because the roads are very dangerous due to frequent hot and wet weather.

Common wealth Avenue

Philippines is also a great place to travel. In such a situation, the highway can be quite exciting for the hazardous people. The traffic here is very high, as many vehicles passes through here during a certain time, so does not pass through any road in the world. So often people here are victims of the accident, this is what it is called Killer Highway.

Stelvio Pass Italy

Stelvio Pass Italy is a hill road built on an altitude of 9045 feet above sea level. There is a very dangerous turn in this road, apart from this the blocker on this road is quite low, Not only this, it is advisable to walk carefully during the winter season. The snow gets much more frozen here, so many times the fear of the jump or sliding of vehicles remains.

So these are the most dangerous road on the earth, if you are a rider and want some thrilling adventure experience on the road in your life, then you can go there.


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