How to Create YouTube Channel

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Hello friends today I am going to tell you how to create YouTube channel account on you tube.

YouTube is one of the most popular website on the internet where you can famous in one night, yes one night by uploading a video on YouTube. So friend now you want to know how can any one famous in the world in one night, so friends if you have any unique quality or knowledge or you are expert in any stream like internet expert, tech knowledge, expert in cooking or you have any Business etc. make your own video and publish on YouTube.

Many people are searching for different type of information on internet as per their interest . if your video are valuable and having good information in that and relate any stream and search by the internet users or people on YouTube you can be famous. It is very simple and just you must have a YouTube channel account on YouTube and most important YouTube provide all these free of cost.

So let me tell you how to create YouTube channel on YouTube
First of all you must have a Gmail account on google,
If you don’t have gmail a/c on google then first create a gmail account on google.

When you created your Gmail account and now you have a Gmail Id Or Email ID.
Now open website and go to the signup process and signup with your Gmail account.

After the sign in YouTube you will see the right upside corner a small Icon this is your Profile Icon.

Click on the profile icon, after clicking profile icon the icon open and you will see two option First Creator studio and second Setting icon.

Now click on the setting option, now you will see create a channel in overview page, here you can create personal Business or other channel.



For example if you want to start your business channel then create product, Brand, institution, Organisation, Art, sport etc.
While choosing or selecting YouTube channel you must remember that the channel which you are going to create must be relate your project or Business or Brand or subject.
After selecting the name of your YouTube channel, you have select the category, after that check and click the YouTube term and condition and press OK or submit OK. That’s it now your YouTube channel is ready.

Make a YouTube channel art:-
All set you created your YouTube channel, now make your channel better as like Facebook cover page you can also post a cover photo here.

For YouTube channel the channel art feature is most important part and the cover page or photo must be related t your channel brand or personality which is going to be publish on the internet and your cover page show as logo or brand about your channel which is based on your subject, brand, product or knowledge.
Example- if you are cooking expert or professional then the cover page or cover photo must be about cooking, food or recipe.
Now if you want change your profile image from the YouTube channel then there is a option pen icon which is shown when you move your cursor or mouse over image profile and click them and now you can select an image from your computer or from google images whether you want, you can upload for your profile image, and for cover photo image should be 2560x1440 pixel and size does not exceed from 4mb.

Doing all this you can give a nice look to your YouTube channel.

Wright a creative description-

Now it’s time to create a unique and creative description about you YouTube channel which is based on your subject. It is very important to describe your YouTube channel because when people or internet user search on YouTube they can’t find your channel easily and your channel does not get ranked high on YouTube fast .
You-tube have given limit of 1000 character of description. So you have only 1000 character to wright in your description box. So it is very important to wright very specific keywords and character which relate to your channel.
Apart from this from here you can connect your YouTube channel to your twitter account if you have. Just go to channel setting option and click on connect account and connect with your twitter account.

Uploading Video or additional Features-

Now the final stage uploading videos on your YouTube channel.
Go to the right side near profile setting option there is arrow like icon click on it and upload the video that you want to upload from your computer or phone.

After uploading video there is option like public, unlisted, private you can choose any option as you like to keep the video public, private or unlisted mode.
You can set back ground music from clicking option editing and you can edit your video from here and now you can publish your video.

You can customise your YouTube channel layout as you want.
You can disable/enable channel discussion.
For editing channel’s like and subscription go to your account setting menu and click on privacy.
You can manage email notification from your YouTube channel account.


Hi friends my name is Jitendra and I am here to give you information about News, Technology, entertainment Bollywood News, Hollywood News, Box office Collection Health tips and many more.

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