Karwan Box Office, Budget, Hit or Flop, Cast, Release, Story, Predictions, Posters, Wiki

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Karwan Box Office, Budget, Hit or Flop, Cast, Release, Story, Predictions, Posters, Wiki


Karwan Box Office, Collection Day 1: Hi everyone today I am going to tell you about

the Bollywood movie Karwan Box Office, Collection, Budget, Hit or Flop, Cast,

Release, Story, Predictions, Posters, Wiki. This is a romantic comedy movie. So

let's see...


Director Akarsh Khurana has been associated with theatre for a long time and recently

he made 'High Jack', which did not get special response at the box office, but since the film's

trailer was released in Karwan, Seeing the enthusiasm of viewers is watching. Now the

movie has been released. Read this review:


Movie Name: Karavan

Star cast: Irfan, Dulkar Salman, Mithila Palkar, Kristi Kharbanda

Director: Akarsh Khuran

Rating: 3.5 stars

Box Office Collection

Budget: Rs. 20 Crore

Box office collection: Rs. 50 Crore Pedicted

Story of the Movie:

The story of the Karwan film begins with a phone call to Dulkar Salman as Avinash,

where she is told that her father is dead and someone else's dead body is given to Avinash on

behalf of the courier company and then He goes out with his friend Irfan as Shaukat in

search of his father's dead body.


Then there is the entry of as Tanya Mithila Palkar in this caravan, traveling through many

places with twists and turns It goes ahead, now Avinash can get the right body, what

happens next in the story, and in this way, during the entire journey, the warp of the

relationship of Avinash, Tanya and Shaukat is knitted, to know all this. The film will have to

be seen.

 Karwan Box Office, Budget, Hit or Flop, Cast, Release, Story, Predictions, Posters, Wiki

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Why can see:

The film's story and handwriting is amazing, Bijoy Nambiar has written a great way to this

journal. Hussein Dalal's dialogue and Akarsh Khurana's screenplay is also tremendous. The

more jokes you have seen in the trailer, the more you see in this movie.


Actor Dulkar Salman, who hit the entry in the Hindi film, is very powerful. Seeing them,

they seem to be quite comfortable and simple acting. YouTube sensation with them, Mithila

Palkar has done a good job, both chemistry is fantastic.


Irrfan's presence leads the film to a different level, the way in which Irfan has played the

dialogues along with the character, it is tremendous. Just understand that whenever Irfan

Khan comes, a smile comes on your face. Art of film film is amazing and cinematography

is also great.


The good part of the film is that the length of this is 2 hours, which is quite easy to see and

when the film is about to end, only one thing in Karwan is going on. The journey should

have been continued further.


Weak Points of the Movie:

The weak link of the film is probably the songs that were not hit before the release, the speed

of the film is slightly slow in second half, but the presence of Irrfan Khan makes it even more

entertaining. During the promotion, Irfan's presence could make it even more popular.

Box Office:

The film's budget is about 20 crores and it has been released in about 1000 screens. If the

word of mouth is correct between the three films, then the film can do good collection.


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