Toilet Ek Prem Katha Review

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Toilet Ek Prem Katha

Star Rating- 4/5

Starcast- Akshay Kumar, Bhomi Pednekar, Anupam Kher

Jaya was told that she is loved by her hair and now she is married, she does not have toilet in her house.In the morning after the first night, she gets the information that she goes to the field along with the lota of  village peole.
But the whole process is embarrassed and embarrassed. Because of the habit of going from toilet to toilet, she did not like to open in the open.Without toilet in home, keshav did not faced any problem because in his house there is no lady before that. jaya's going to be miserable and unhappy she did not initially understand, he think that she making a little talk of something. She is not adjusting herself like other Women of the village. This Film is based n Jaya and Jaya is the inspiration of this film, Though everything seems to be done by Keshav, but if you look after it, he has got everything done by Jaya.

Toilet Ek Prem Katha is a romantic love story film, In this story of Jaya and Keshav the attitude of thinking and Defecation. To get victory on this is only the solution of love story of Jaya and Keshav. Writer Siddhartha-Giriima Jaya and Keshav's love story has selected the basis and expansion. They are selected to Agra and Mathura for story land and decorated the  And have their characters tone in local colors and manner. The language has kept such a shadow of unsteadiness and it is not difficult to understand.While watching the movie the language does not get stuck anywhere.

This film related to the Prime Minister's Swachh Bharat Abhiyan raises questions about the old civilization.

He went and made Keshav as two characters who love each other very much.But they have different thinking on toilet defecation. There is no question of thinking of Keshav's thinking, since childhood he has a habit of open defecation. It does not matter if he goes to the booth even after going away. The demand for her going is realized later. Then he insists on the heel peak. The village and the surrounding women are awake and thinking a campaign becomes a campaign. There is a danger with such films that they will not become a documentary film or become indispensable to the viewer. Director Shri Narayan Singh runs a balance and he has got complete support from his cast and authors. The dialogue of the film is fascinating and deadly.

Attacking the mischief in the name of tradition and tradition, this movie keeps shouting slogans. On one end, Keshav's father is Panditji, the entangled Keshav eventually increases with Jaya and becomes the cause of big change.  Educated Jaya in one way the village represents Girls emerging with new thinking in the towns. She does love Keshav but can not compromise for her values ​​and thinking.  Because her thinking is logical and modern, so we get along with her, we start having trouble with her, The writers have made the story natural by the gradual change of Keshav, the part of the government campaign and the activists' activism seems to be forcibly, Without his or her or short use, the film seems more effective.

Akshay Kumar has understood the character of Keshav. He has acted on the essential part and cloth for this character. His hard work is also seen in accent and communication. In the role of Jaya, Bhoomi pednekar  looks very good and comfortable. If she does not turn into glamour, then Hindi films will get a capable actress. The life of this movie is Panditji, i.e. Sudhir Pandey, He has played his charector with solid faith. As a younger brother, Devendu helpful and  Jaya's parents have come as natural. Anupam kher is alos here with his style.


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