Top 5 apps to use free internet WiFi

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Top 5 apps to use free internet WiFi

Since the service of Reliance Jio has come in the market, people have become addicted to the Internet. Everyone now wants to use the free internet service on their mobile or PC or tablet.

So now I am going to tell you about some tricks and technique that will help you to use free and fast internet on your mobile phones.

Today there is a free internet service available in many small towns and villages including villages and towns, which you can easily use. You have just search them and connect them.

For doing this you can do all these things to use free WiFi internet on your mobile phones.

So let’s See-

1. WiFipro-

For using free wifi internet service you can use WiFi pro app on your mobile phones. Whenever you install this app on your mobile phone, then you don’t have to search wifi again and again, thus this app automatically search wifi service and location and this is not et all this app automatically will connect wifi to your mobile phones.

The special thing of this app is that, it can say or denote you about public wifi server in your area. If there are lots of wifi server available in your area at a same time, then this app automatically coonect with the fastest speed internet server  and give you a better internet experience.

So if you want to use free wifi internet service then you can download this from Google Play Store for Free.


2. Instabridge-

Instabreaze is another good app for using free wifi internet service on your mobile phone. The special feature of this app is, whenever you are traveling or on the way, then this app will automatically connect with free wifi internet network coming in that area.


If there is no wifi network on the way, then this app automatically set on Auto mode function and not to close the use of Data and whenever get in network again connect automatically from that networks.

For using this app, you can download from Google Play store for free.

3. WiFi Facebook app-

If you have Facebook app in your mobile phone then you can also use wifi internet service. In this app, there is also available wifi search option.


You have to choose more option on this Facebook app and click them and scroll down and get find wifi option and click them for search wifi.


After clicking the find wifi option, the app start to search wifi connectivity service around that area and will get you a nearest wifi service availability to access the. There are so many WiFi that the app can use, as well as connect directly to the Internet service provided by the operators.

4. Free wifi Connect-

This app lets in any android clever mobile cellular telephone to look for open wifi community and hook up with it mechanically. This manner you could maintain your statistics utilization and outcomes bounce over unfastened wifi network. The app apprehend your desire and could not exchange the community if the device is hooked up to any stored network.


Regardless of the truth that the extraordinary part of unfastened wifi be a part of is that it reveals and lists the free networks that you can use, it furthermore works as a community manager. Inside the 2nd tab of the software software program program application software application software, you could find out all of the available networks, and may connect to whichever one you want at a single click on.


This app furthermore gives a whole wifi answer collectively with abilities like:

  1. Developing personal hotspot
  2. Bonjour browser
  3. Smart wifi
  4. Network scanner

For downloading this app go to the search box of this page  on upside right corner and search this app for downloading.

5. WiFi map-

WiFi map is another great app for using wifi internet service for free. This app will help you to get wifi service availability near your area and help to connect them. This is one of the largest used app for wifi user in  the world.


So if you want a better internet surfing experience then you can use it and most important this app is available for both android users and IOS users. For downloading go to google play store  on the search box right upper side and search for this app and download it for free.


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