Top 7 World famous Natural Heritage of India

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Top  7 World famous Natural Heritage of India

Top  7 World famous Natural Heritage of India:- Hello everyone today we are going to tell you the Top  7 World famous Natural Heritage of India, which are very famous in the world and people come to see this Heritage around the world.

So let’s see

(1) Valley of Flower

Valley of Flower  is the most beautiful and natural Heritage of India Which is located at Nanda Devi Mountain in Uttrakhand India and very famous for Alpine Flower and green grassland around the world. Here Tourists came across the world to see, this incredible and natural habitats. Valley of flower is surrounded by hills and this makes it so natural and beautiful.  Nanda Devi National park and Valley Of Flower are included in World Heritage in 1988 and 2005 accordingly.

(2) Kajiranga National Park


     Top 7 World famous Natural Heritage of India

Kajiranga National park is most famous for Single Horn Rhinos. This is another most beautiful and Natural Heritage of India. Kajiranga National park is also known for High volume of Rhinos in the World. There is also lots of wild animal in this park, where people comes around the world to see them.


Kajiranga National park is located in Asam at bank river of Bramhaputra. This 217 KM far from Guahati.


(3) Keoladeo National Park

          Top 7 World famous Natural Heritage of India

Keoladeo National park is situated in Bharatpur Rajasthan. Keoladeo National park is Bird Sanctuary and latter announce to be a in 1982, and after some times latter it said to be a Keoladeo Ghana National Park. There are 364 types of Birds Natural habitats in this National park. In 1985 UNESCO mark this National park in to World Heritage.

(4) Sunderban National Park

        Top 7 World famous Natural Heritage of India

Sundarbans National Park is surrounded by Sundarbans and Ganges Delta and Brahmaputra Delta. Sunderban National Park is famous for Bengal Tiger, Deer and a Biosphere Reserve in West Bengal, India. In 1987 this national park came in World Heritage site.

(5) Manas Sanctuary

         Top 7 World famous Natural Heritage of India

Manas Sanctuary is situated in Asam. The Manas Sanctuary of Asam is famous for Tiger reserve, Biosphere reserve and Elephant reserve. Manas Sanctuary is spread over 520 square KM in area, in this sanctuary you can see Himalayan Bear, Tiger and single horns Rhinos. The Manas sanctuary came into a world heritage site in 1985.

(6) Great Himalayan Park

      Top 7 World famous Natural Heritage of India

Great Himalayan park is a national park which is located in Kullu areas of Himachal Pradesh of India. This is spread over in 754 square KM. and one of the most beautiful ad attractive place of Kullu Manali. You can see here Himalayan Bear, Kastoori Dear, Himalayan panther like some critical animal species. The Great imalayan Park came into a World heritage site in 2014.


(7) Western Ghat

       Top 7 World famous Natural Heritage of India

Western ghat is situated in south India and said that western ghat hill are more ancient than Himalaya. Western ghat is spread over 1600 km and full of nature and natural species. Western Ghat came in to a world heritage site in 2012 by UNESCO.


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