Top Best Wireless Head phones Review

Top Best Wireless Head phones Review

Now Days every person has smart phone, and due to growth in technology area  the smart phone play an important role of every person’s daily life, thus every person have smart phone then they also have wired head phone. But due to low stability and maintaining wire is tough. so today I am going to tell you some best wireless Headphones.

So let’s see –

  1. Sony MDR 1000X-     Buy Now                

As we know Sony is one of the Big Brand electronic company in international market and very trust-able, they provide lots of variety of electronic products like, LED TV, Home Theatre, Laptop, Pandrive, Hard Disk, Bluetooth Headphones etc. So here we talk about Sony MDR 1000x Wireless head phone. This is on of the best wireless head phone-

  1. the sound quality is very good and noise castling is less,
  2. Battery life is  20 Hours
  3. and wireless range is 30 mitre.
  4. Price approximately  $490  Rs. 28500

2. BOSS quiet Comfort 35

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This wireless head phone is launched by BOSS and this is very special wireless headphone with noise castling features. while in this head phone the company gives a 3.94 mitre cable.

  1. Sound quality is superb with Noise castling features
  2. Battery backup is more than 20 hours.
  3. Wireless range is more than 30 mitre.
  4. weight .68 pound
  5. Price Rs. 22531

3. Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2

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This is also one of the best wireless head phone in affordable budgets. for travel person this wireless headphone is very good.

  1. Sound quality is good with comforts.
  2. Battery Life is 24 hours
  3. weight 289 gm
  4. wireless range 100 mitre.
  5. Price Rs. 13490

4. Bowers and wilkins p7 wirless head phone-

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Bowers and wilkins is british company which is dealing with sound, audio video equipment. the company is most trusted and have valuable brand in the electronic market. Now company has launches their new wireless Headphone in the market. its sound quality and Bluetooth range make this wireless headphone premium

  1. Sound quality is very nice with comfort and noise instillation is less.
  2. Battery life is 17 hours
  3. weight .71 pound
  4. Range 30 feet
  5. Price Rs. 52949

5. Sennheiser Moment Wireless Headphone


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As look wise this phone is looking very smart and the sound quality of this phone is also very good, while the cost is slightly high, but the output of this wireless head phone is priceless. In this wireless head phone the company gives extra cable of 4.6 feet.
1. Sound quality is very nice with smart features.

2. Battery life is  more than 25 Hours.

3. Wireless Bluetooth Range 30 feet

4. Price Rs. 34971


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