Top place to visit in Krakow (Poland)

Top place to visit in Krakow (Poland)

Polands and tourists are attracted to many reasons. The biggest reason for this is the nature, history and culture here. By the way, Poland’s history has been prosperous, including events such as from Nazis to Communism of the Soviet Union.

Therefore, this country attracts historians too. If you talk about the cities of Poland, Kraków and Versave are quite popular. The most of the people of this city are Yahudi and this is the central place for tourists and Versave is the capital of this country where are some very nice museum and libraries. Located on the banks of the Vishchula river in South Poland, Kraków city is located near the border of the ChekGadrajya, and it is just 500 kilometers from Prague.

With Poland’s second largest city, it is also Poland‘s oldest capital city. Here’s the famous Medieval Street and Squireas, besides Kraków and its surroundings, there are many touring sites that attract people more and more. If you strive for Poland’s Krakow do not forget to look at these places.

Wawel hill-

Wawel Hill and Wawel Royal Castle are a historic and culturally rich place here. In the castle you will see the medieval, Renaissance, Baroque architectural style of Poland.

Although it has now been converted into a museum, which has five different sections, Crown Treasury and Armoury State Rooms, Royal Private Apartments, Lost wavell and Oriental art of exhibition.

In it were the Royal Wawell Cathedral, a place where many kings ruled in the 14th century and witness to the lives of many great personalities.

Old Town-

The historic center of the city of Kraków is “Old Town” in the World Heritage Site. Here there are half a church and quite impressive buildings, apart from this, Market Square is Europe’s largest place. Here is the 14th Century St, Maris Basilica Church, which is a fine example of Poland’s Gothic architecture.

Apart from this, Cloth Hall is a big business center. Here are some of the prominent outposts that had spread throughout Europe at some point of time.

kazimierz krakow poland-

This old district of Jews has remained and many remains of 14th Century remains still. Even today the synagogues, graveyards, etc. can be seen. American filmmaker director and screenwriter Spielberg did the same with his best movie Shindler’s List here.

This film brought Krakow to the attention of tourists around the world, today it is a great place to shoot movies here.

Here you can also go to Shindlers’ factory which is now transformed into a grand museum. Apart from this Plac Nowi, kazimierz also has become the modern part of the city, where you can enjoy cafés and bars.

Apart from this, you can take advantage of the finest dishes by visiting Don temu kajimirju. It is built in the ancient shops of Jews and it is decorated in a charming and stylish manner.

Auschwitz Torture Camp-

The Auschwitz Torture camp for from KraKow about 70 kilo meters. Earlier it was used by Germany for the massacre of Jews. Now these are converted in symbol and museum.

Millions of Jews were fired upon by German dictator Adolf Hitler. You should definitely take the guide here, which will bring you to different camps here and tell you about the different events happening on it listening, this the ripe rags will stand.

Of course you are not a historian and you are not interested in knowing the history here, you must still walk around here. This experience will remember you throughout life.

What To Eat?

Here you can try Pyorgy which is filled with flash and potatoes. It also contains cream from above.

Krakow is also known as city of cake here, where you can enjoy different types of cakes.

Here you will also be able to drink cucumber, mushroom and tomato soup, which will remind you of a wonderful taste throughout life.

Vodka of Poland is very nice and famous around the world. There are large number of Vodka bar here, apart from vodka bar there are lots of ex-specialist milk bar also available there.

So You can enjoy various food item on a affordable price there.


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