Top special features of Android 8.0 Oreo

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Android 8.0 Oreo Special features

Google has launched its new mobile operating system Android 8.0 Oreo. The new version of Android is named as Oreo. The good news is that for users, the android team came up with many important features for your android smart phone and tablet.

Mobile platform with Android Oreo has been tried to make safe, fast, better multitasking and power inefficiencies.

So today I will tell you some smart and important features of Android Oreo which you will like.

AutoFill API Framework

It is being told to create difficult and different passwords for online accounts because it is difficult to remember so many passwords. So far Android users unknowingly save these passwords on Notepad or use some of their password to save in password manager.

Some password managers give the option to AutoFill the information provided, for which they require device accessibility permissions and features.


But the built-in AutoFill API has been built in the Android 8.0, allowing saving user’s sensitive data in the password manager of their choice.

Removal of “install from unknown source” setting

Although the app downloaded from all third party sources does not contain a virus, yet your personal information may be in danger. So far, downloading an app from such source had to turn on the "Install from Unknown Source" settings.

Now after the update of the Oreo 8.0, the whole way of setting will change. In this there will be an option to "install other app" in which the Manuel will be granted the permission by the users.

Picture in Picture


Picture in Picture is one of the biggest features of latest version of Android. It will often happen with you when you want to watch YouTube videos while you are chatting on Whatsapp.


That's because we had no such features till now, but with Android 8.0 Oreo you will not have any problems now.


If you open an app and play a video with these videos of Android, just press the Home button. Pressing the Home button reduces the video size and move to the right side of the bottom of your  mobile screen.


Now you can open any app for doing other works and the video you have open will continue in the bottom side.

Android Instant apps

With the help of Android 8.0 Oreo you can access many apps without downloading them, apart from this; this is not applied for all types of apps.


These features are more useful for those people whose phone storage is very low. The users can use android instant apps for clicking on Android instant app URL.

Battery saving Background limits

To improve the phone's battery life, background services and location are kept limited in Android 8.0 Oreo.


There are some apps which reduces the battery life of your phone while they are not in use or not open.


But when the app is not being used it will not be able to consume the battery. So we can say that the battery life of your smart phone will be good.

Notification Dots Limits


With android Oreo, this won't be an trouble. Oreo introduces notification dots that gives you to control each app in my view with "excellent-grained control," permitting you to manipulate what number of notifications you notice and the way they come through.


For instance, in case of any news app, you'll be capable of pick what areas you are interested by listening to approximately.


So, to check your notifications, you simply want to tap the 3 notification dots.

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