10 Most Dangerous Bridges of the World, will take your breath away

10 Most Dangerous Bridges of the World


Know the world about the Most dangerous bridges of the World, on which people keep their lives on the palm. The world is as big, the same is full of strange and surprising things. In the country and around the world, so many bridges have been built, but seeing some bridges seems like it has just been made to scare people.


Before going on these bridges you will have to take all the courage inside you, perhaps you can dare to pass through these bridges. Maybe if there is no compulsion then some people do not try to cross them.

Let's know about Most dangerous bridges in the world ...


Zhangjiazi Bridge China:

10 Most Dangerous Bridges of the World
Zhangjiazi Bridge China

The first number in this list comes from the bridge made of glass of Zhangjiazi province of China. There are only dangerous hills around this 100 meter long bridge. If you see below the mirror, there will be a ditch at 300 meters below. It would be nice to see people with weak heart not below the transparent glass.

Glass Bridge China:

Glass Bridge China

Glass Bridge, Grand Canyon of Zhangjiaji National Forest Park, China - this bridge is also made of glass.

Husaini Bridge Pakistan:

10 Most Dangerous Bridges of the World
Husaini Bridge

One such dangerous bridge is Hussaini Bridge of Pakistan. Surprisingly, this bridge is still being used. It seems like the woods have been tied to the rope. Even though this bridge is very long and it has not been manned, it is a tourist attraction center. Daredevils are sure to take their courage exams here.

Siduhe river Bridge China:

10 Most Dangerous Bridges of the World
Siduhe River Bridge

China's Siduhe River Bridge is one of the highest bridges in the world. It is at a height of 460 meters from the ground. This bridge, which connects Shanghai and Chendo, is 1300 meters long.
Perhaps this is also one of the most scary bridges.

Ashima Shashi Bridge Japan:

10 Most Dangerous Bridges of the World
Ashima Shashi Bridge Japan

Japan's Ashima Shashi bridge connects two cities named Matsyuu and Cassaimenito.

The most important and dangerous thing on this bridge is its slope. Now can pass the ship from the bottom of this bridge to the lake.


Milau viaduct Bridge France:

10 Most Dangerous Bridges of the World
Milau viaduct Bridge France

Milau Viaduct, France, is the world's second highest bridge. It is located 270 meters above the ground.

The Milau Viaduct Bridge is higher than the Eiffel Tower at its highest point.

Royal George Suspension Bridge Colorado USA:

10 Most Dangerous Bridges of the World
Royal George Suspension Bridge Colorado USA

Royal George Suspension Bridge, Colorado, USA - This is America's highest suspension bridge, located at an altitude of 1053 feet.

The Royal George Suspension Bridge was constructed in 1929.

Monkey Bridge Vietnam:

10 Most Dangerous Bridges of the World
Monkey Bridge Vietnam

Monkey Bridge, Vietnam - On this large bridge, by placing a foot on a large wooden and above the small wood which is handled by hand, it looks almost monkey.

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Capilano suspension bridge Canada:

Capilano Suspension Bridge, Canada

The Capilano suspension bridge is set in North Vancouver, British Columbia, across the Capilano river. Capilano suspension bridge is about 450 feet long and 230 feet high. this can be additionally thought of collectively of the most dangerous suspensions or hanging bridges of the world.


Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia:

Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia
Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia

Langkawi sky bridge was Built in 2004, this over crossing bridge is 700 meters higher than water level. The most important news is that it closed as of January 2014 and may month of the year due to high risk of danger.


Ghasa Bridge Nepal:

Ghasa Bridge Nepal
Ghasa Bridge Nepal

Ghasa could be a extremely dangerous bridge, located in Gus Village, Nepal. Besides the very fact that this bridge has been poorly created, each day not only the humans but additionally the cows cross it in a very large number.

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