5 Best Plugin for Deleting Spam Comments from WordPress

5 Best Plugin for Deleting Spam Comments from WordPress

5 Best Plugin for Deleting Spam Comments from WordPress: Hi guys whats up most

of the people asking me for plugin for deleting their bulk comment or Spam comment from

their site. So today i going to tell you about 5 Best plugin for deleting spam comments or

bulk comments from WordPress site.

1. Bulk Delete Comment

Bulk delete comment is one among the most effective plugin for deleting spam comments

from your wordpress web site. this is often very easy to use and work properly, you'll be able to

delete Spam comment, unread comment, Trash comment from the wordpress web site in

precisely one clicks. All you nead simply install it and activate this plugin.

Installation method

  • Plugins - Add New - upload - ‘bulk-delete-comments.zip’ – Install currently
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


2. Delete Comments By status

Delete Comments By status pluginis another best plugin for deleating comment in keeping

with their status.

This plugin is has over 6000 active download with smart rating. You will delete comment by

  • Pending Comment
  • Approved Comments
  • Trash Comments and
  • Spam Comment


Installation method

• After downloading the ‘delete-all-comments-msbd.zip’ file extract/uncompress it.
• Activate the plugin mistreatment the Plugin Tab in your WordPress Dashboard.


3. WP Bulk Delete

WP Bulk Delete may be a very useful WordPress Plugin that facilitate you to delete posts,

pages, comments, attachments, users, taxonomy terms and meta fields in bulk based with

whole completely different powerful filters and conditions. WP bulk delete helps to delete bulk

comment from your comment box. It in addition helps in imporving Speed and reducing

information load.


Features included

  • You can Delete Comments
  • You can Delete Comments by status
  • You can Delete Comments by comment author.
  • You can Delete Comments by comment post


4. Bulk Delete

Bulk delete plugin is another smart plugin for those people that has nice traffic on their web

site and that they even have obtaining bulk comment on their web site. thus you'll be able to

delete your bulk comment with the help of this plugin.This plugin is actively downloaded moore

than 60000 times worldwide.


You can delete comments by

  • Post comment
  • Comment from pages
  • Comment by class
  • Comment by tags
  • Comment by address
  • Comments by unfinished
  • Comments from draft
  • Approve comments
  • Trash comments

Installation method

Go to Plugin> Add New> type Bulk Delete> Install > Activate the Plugin


5. Delete All Comments easily

This Plugin assist you to delete comments from your WordPress web site simply with the

assistance of this you can delete all comments by simply single click otherwise you can

delete all unfinished comment from your comment box. The Plugin has been downloaded over

20000 times and has smart ratings. thus if you utilise this plugin to delete all comment confirm

to copy your information base. One you delete all the comment you can’t restore them.

Installation Method

IF you're user of WordPress web site then

Go to plugin option> Add New> Search the Plugin in Search Bar> Click to Install> Activate


Now this is often able to use

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