7 Amazing wordpres site optimazation plugin

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7 Amazing wordpres site optimazation plugin

7 Amazing wordpres site optimazation plugin: Hi guys welcome we know that plugin is

one of the most important part of the any WordPress site, it may be several form and have

various use, So today I will tell you 7 Amazing wordpres site optimazation plugin that

will help you to optimize your site for improved performance and speed.


1. WP-Optimize Plugin

WP-Optimize is a good tool for mechanically cleansing your WordPress information so it runs

at most potency.


  • Removes all inessential information (e.g. trashed/unapproved/spam comments, stale data) and
  • pingbacks, trackbacks and invalid transient choices.
  • Carries out automatic weekly (or otherwise) clean-ups
  • Mobile friendly and easy-to-use
  • Giving you the insight, management and power to stay your web site neat, quick and economical.


2. Autoptimize

Autoptimize makes optimizing your website very easy. It will mixture, change and cache

scripts and designs, injects CSS within the page head by default, moves and defers scripts to the

footer and minifies hypertext mark-up language.


There are more option to enable you to  take away WordPress core emoji cruft, optimize Google

Fonts, async non-aggregated JavaScript and additionally it will improve your site’s

performance and speed.


3. WP Rocket Plugin

Typically WP Engine disallows caching plugins (because we tend to already eff for you).

However, we’ve recently worked with WP Rocket, which has optimized their caching plugin to

figure on our platform.


WP Rocket may be a WordPress plugin that helps with web site optimisation through things

like minification of CSS and JS, lazy loading pictures, deferring remote JavaScript requests, and



It’s an excellent plugin to take a position in if trying to enhance web site speed and page load

times across multiple websites.


The plugin works to size, optimize and compress all of your pictures for the online so that they

load quicker than before. If your web site is photo-rich, then this plugin may be a must-have.


4. Imagify Plugin

Speed up your web site with lighter pictures while not losing quality.

Imagify is one of the most popular and advance image optimisation tool, that you can use your

WordPress site to boost their speed.


You have already got various unoptimized images? Not a haul, you may love the majority

Optimizer to optimize all of your existing pictures in one click.


Imagify will directly size your pictures, you won’t ought to lose time any longer on resizing

your pictures before uploading them


5. Smush compression and optimisation Plugin

Smush has been benchmarked and tested much loved for speed and quality and is that the

victory, consecutive proved  crowd favorite image optimisation plugin for WordPress.


Resize, optimize, optimise and compress all of your pictures with the improbably powerful and

one hundred free WordPress image smusher, delivered to you.


6. ShortPixel Image Optimizer Plugin

This is free and simple to use, comprehensive, stable and regularly updated compression

plugin. Increase your website’s SEO ranking, variety of holiday makers and ultimately your

sales by optimizing any image or PDF document on your web site.


ShortPixel is a is very easy to use, just install it and activate this, image optimisation plugin

that may compress all of your past pictures and PDF documents with one click. New pictures

area unit mechanically resized/rescaled and optimized on the fly, within the background.


7. Optimus – WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin

This is associate other smart plugin, Optimus reduces the file size of uploaded media files

mechanically. looking on the image and format, reductions in size of up to seventieth area unit

potential. many kilobytes may be saved per image—these savings contribute absolutely to the

performance of the diary web site.

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