9 Proven way to make money online Free

Make Money Online Free Method Revealed

9 Proven way to make money online Free

Everyday thousands of people searching on internet for making money online tips, but few of them get success and most of them failed because they did not got the right tools or guides. So today i am  going to tell you the 9 Proven way to make money online Free, that'd can work for you  and some of them free and some of them have some investment there. So let's starts

1. Mini course

Now this is something I wish I would have done at the very beginning of my business because I decided to jump all-in on this giant course. I thought this was the answer to all my prayers right? But what I wanted to do or what I should have done was created a smaller price point course. Say 50 or $100 to get my audience to have a instant win.

So maybe it was a course on how to create a New banner or how to create a Video thumbnail. Anything that would've got that instant win for a smaller price point because the hardest dollar you're going to get from somebody is that very first dollar.

So make that first purchase something small or something like a mini course that's kind of a no-brainer to buy.


2. Start offering coaching packages

Start making more money in your business is start offering coaching packages.  Now this is another thing I wish I would've done. I decided to go all in I said, with this giant course but coaching would've allowed me to understand the thought process of my client.

I would've been able to understand the workflow and what goes on their mind to better create programs and courses for them by working with them one on one. It also is not as much time because once you start systematising it, it's a lot of just answering their questions and getting on the phone with them and so that's one great way to start injecting more money into your business.


3. Consulting.

So I like to do one hour strategy calls. These are very quick, one hour jump-in, give them the suggestions I have based on what they're struggling with, what their youtube channel currently looks like and from there, I could potentially sell them into a coaching position but sometimes we don't think about just having this one hour consulting call that could be really valuable for that other person that doesn't necessarily know what they're doing but isn't ready to jump all-in with you and then once you tell them all the things that you could do to help them they may be actually more willing to want work with you more.

If you are helpful in that one hour strategy call and it's not a lot of time right? Like I said it's maybe an hour and a half extra of your time, 30 minutes of really understanding that person's channel or what problem they're having and then having that call with them.


4. Group Coaching Program

Now this is what I've done with that big course that I talked that wasn't making me the massive money. I turned it into a group coaching program. So this allows more people to actually because I can make it at a cheaper price point than the individual coaching program.

I'm able to work with people. They're able to gain synergy off of one another, ask each other questions and it just becomes a really valuable asset to those in that program and it allows me to work with more people.


Not to just make more money, but to really help them grow and understand their Video channel which is what I love doing. This group program doesn't have to be massive.


You can start with five people in your group program or 25 in your group program. It's just a great way to start thinking about how you can change your mindset of making money and find different ways to increase your revenue in your business.

Make money online from affiliate marketing

5. Make more money through affiliate sales

So one place that I'm affiliate of is these power sheets. So you hear me talk about these every single week here on my Newsresolution site but I actually have an affiliate link with them so if you buy through my link, I get some money on that. I also have different programs like Tail Wind and Amazon links that I'm also an affiliate of.


So what are some things that you're using all the time and see if they have an affiliate link. If you're already talking about them you should sign up so that you could make some money when you do talk about them.

Now it's not gonna be massive income but it's a little bit more extra income right?


6. Make Clients

Another way to make more money is to just take on clients. Now it doesn't have to be coaching but for me,one of my ways was to actually map out my client's strategy.


So telling them what blog posts to do, editing their blog posts, what are some services that you could take off of your ideal client's plate and do for them as client services.


Sometimes again we think of this big picture but what would people want to get off their plate? Is it scheduling their Instagram? Is it coming up with blog post ideas?


What are some ways that you could work with a client to really start bringing in that money that you want? Alright, you knew I had to bring up Newsresolution somehow and that's another way you can make more money.


7. Make Money from Youtube

Make Money Online Free Method Revealed

Here on Youtube, if you have 1000 subscribersand over 4000 hours of watch time, you can start making AdSense money. Now this isn't gonna wow your socks off.


I'm currently making anywhere between 50 to $150 a month here on my small channel but it is a little bit extra income that you're already doing, you're creating Videos for your business and then you could make some side money on top of that.


8. Charge Speeking Fee

This next way of making more money in your business is something I just started dipping my toe into this year and it's speaking. You can actually charge a speaking fee to go to a conference and speak to. And even if you don't charge a fee.


You're just getting started sometimes they're willing to pay for your travel, to pay for your hotel or even give you a free ticket to that conference and some conferences can cost up to 800 to $1500 just to attend and for you to be a speaker, you get free access. So maybe speaking could become a new source of income.

9. Make Money online by selling Video

If you're like me and just really love teaching people and getting to know more people right. This next way to make more money in your business is one way I wish I really would've started earlier and I would say it's probably my biggest business mistake and it's making products to sell. So I recently just started selling my Video workflow.


So this has every step that I have in my workflow all on one giant checklist that goes through this clearly defined process. I wish I would've started selling this sucker years ago because so many people ask me for it and I was like oh, that's not something people wanna pay for but they will.


I also have my brand new YouTube planner, so it's to help you plan out blog post idea sand plan out your strategy if you're more of a paper person and this is something I never thought of charging for before but people want it and so what are just some products. Maybe templates or a workbook that you could sell at say 15 to $50 that could definitely help start bringing in more income into your business.

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I wanna know how you're gonna start bringing more money into your business now. And if you wanna continue to learn more about how to use video in your business strategy, click that playlist that is on your screen right now and don't forget to subscribe for more tips, tricks and strategies on how to use website in your business.

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