Actresses who avoids working with Ajay Devgan

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Actresses who avoids working with Ajay Devgan

Actresses who avoids working with Ajay Devgan: Hi guys today we are going to tell

about three actress who does not work with Ajay Devgan or actress who avoid to work

with Ajay Devgan in Bollywood.

Ajay Devgan

Ajay Devgan, however, looks very ordinary, but because of his tremendous acting, he has

considered his act of iron in Bollywood. He made his mark in Bollywood with his tremendous

action that he is now called as Singham of Bollywood.


Although Ajay Devgn's sadness may be faded in front of all the three Khan's Bollywood films,

but he is heavily involved in acting and action.


Ajay Devgan has shown great performance in action films as well as comedy films. Top actors

are in. Ajay Devgan, who has made his action figure in Bollywood since the 90s, has done many

hit films and has worked with almost all the top actresses.

But in today's article we are going to talk about 3 actresses who do not want to work with

Ajay Devgan.

3 actresses who avoids working with Ajay Devgan
1. Priyanka Chopra

Actresses who avoids working with Ajay Devgan

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The list comes to the top of the list, actress Priyanka Chopra, who has acted in Bollywood

and Hollywood.


Priyanka's beauty and acting style ranging from Bollywood to Hollywood, after showing her

acting in Bollywood, she has also considered her acting as iron in Hollywood.
But even after being so popular, Priyanka is also involved in the actresses who have not done

any films with Aamir Khan.


Let us tell you about your information that Priyanka Chopra has never worked with Ajay

Devgan in my 15-year hit film career.


According to reports, there were many occasions when Priyanka Chopra had to make a film

with Ajay Devgan but he refused to work with them. What is the reason behind this?

2. Katrina Kaif

Actresses who avoids working with Ajay Devgan

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Katrina Kaif is on the second spot in this list with Bollywood's top actress. Katrina Kaif had

a debut from Bollywood Boom in Bollywood.


Though the movie was a super-popper flop, Katrina Kaif got a good start from that film. Katrina

Kaif has given many hits with Bollywood's Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar.


But he has not even made any film with superstar Ajay Devgan in his 15-year career. Hardly

anyone knows that Katrina Kaif was first approached for the super hit film Singham. This film

was released by Kajal Agarwal after rejecting him.

3. Deepika Padukone

Actresses who avoids working with Ajay Devgan

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Bollywood's Number One Heroine Deepika Padukone is on the verge of success these days.

As you all know, Deepika Padukone had a debut in the film industry with Om Shanti Om. And

this movie got a good responce at the box office.


Deepika Padukone has done several superhit films after one, in which there are films like

Ramlila Bajirao Mastani and Padmavat.
But Deepika has not even made any films with Ajay Devgan Singham till date. Apart from Ajay,

Deepika has never stolen any of her 10-year film career with Salman Khan.



So friends this the fact and we don't know why they are not worked together, but it is possibility

that in the future they will make film together and we are expecting them together.


Friends, which of Ajay Devgan's films you like most? Please tell us in the comment section. If

you like to read such intriguing news, then follow us. Thanks for liking.

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