Amazon Became Second US and World Third Big Company, Who is on First Cap

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Amazon Became Second US and World Third Big Company

Amazon Became Second US and World Third Big Company

Amazon is $ 99 billion behind Apple's $ 1 trillion dollar market cap

Amazon became the second US and world third company with a market cap of $ 1 trillion (Rs 71

lakh crore). Its stock recovered by 2% on Tuesday to $ 2050.50. This increase has increased market value.


Apple became the first American company

Apple became the first American company of 1 trillion dollars on August 2. Amazon's market cap

is $ 99 billion less than Apple Cap. Prior to Apple, market valuation of Petrochina in Shanghai's stock market

reached $ 1 trillion in 2007.


Shares exceeded 100% in one year: Amazon shares gave 108% returns in the last 12 months. Since January

this year, it has gained 74%. In the last three months, investors gave 20% and about 12% profits in one



Share price increased to 114 times in 21 years: On May 15, 1997, Amazon shares were listed on $ 18. After

Tuesday's rise, the stock went above 2050. The value of investing $ 1000 in the IPO now exceeds $ 13.41


Jeff Bezos is the richest in the world:


Amazon founder and CEO has long been on top of the list of the world's richest people. Bezos is number-one

with a net worth of $ 166 billion in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. The stock rose sharply this year to $

66.5 billion in his wealth. Bill Gates is on second place with $ 98.1 billion of net worth in the billionaire index.

Asia's richest Mukesh Ambani is at number 12 with $ 47.7 billion


Amazon Became Second US and World Third Big Company

TCS becomes the second Indian company with Rs 8 lakh crore market cap, ahead of RIL 15 thousand crore rupees

IT company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) becomes second Indian company with 8 lakh crore market cap

The company's share on Tuesday rose by 2% to the highest level of Rs 2,094. With this, the valuation of the

company increased to 8.02 lakh crore for the first time. Earlier on August 23, Reliance Industries had

achieved this position. Reliance's market cap remains around 7.87 lakh crore rupees on Tuesday. His market

cap is still 15 thousand crores behind TCS.


On May 25, TCS's market capitalization reached Rs 7 lakh crore for the first time. However, the market

remained closed at 6.87 trillion rupees. After 20 days, on June 15, the company again crossed the 7 lakh crore

mark. That day, with the 7.05 lakh crore valuation, the business in the stock market ended.


The share gave 70% returns in 12 months: TCS shares have seen an increase of 70% in the last one year. From

January till now it has received 58%. Its investors got 22% in the last three months and 6% in one month.


After Tuesday's rise, the stock reached a new 52-week high Due to the export-based business, the company

has benefited from the decline in rupee. Rupee declined by more than 10% this year. TCS is the flagship

company of Tata Group. Most revenues of the group come from TCS. It is the largest IT company in the



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