Best Home Remedies for Winter Cold: 4 things present in the house will save you from cold

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Best Home Remedies: These 4 things present in the house will save you from cold

Best Home Remedies: 4 things present in the house

Best Home Remedies: Cold diseases such as colds, coughs and fever increase in winter due to the increase in cold weather. Doctors believe that to avoid cold in this season, we wear warm clothes, but to avoid the effect of cold, it is necessary to stay warm even inside the body along with the outside.


Dr. Sunil Kumar Dubey, Ayurvedic physician of Patna, believes that many home remedies can be adopted to avoid these diseases. Sunil Kumar Dubey says that tea made from cloves, basil, black pepper and ginger in the cold serves as ‘Ramaban’ for cough, cold and cold.


Recently honored with the honorary doctorate of the Ph.D. by the University of Ballsbridge, Dubey said that the main reason for these diseases is the spread of the virus. He said that colds are an infectious disease which is growing very quickly. This disease brings with your nose, fever, happiness or wet cough, which suddenly attacks on the respiratory system.


Children and the elderly should take special care and caution in the Common Cold. By taking honey in winter, the body can be kept away from many diseases.

Best Home Remedies for Winter Cold: 4 things present in the house will save you from cold

In Ayurveda honey is considered nectar. Winter, after being cold, before drinking it in a glass of lukewarm milk, add one teaspoon of honey and drink it. They say that honey corrects the body’s immune system.


Bread will prove to be a delicious domestic recipe for winter cold

During the winter, eating banana bread is very beneficial. It keeps the body warm, along with proteins, vitamin B, calcium, fiber and anti-oxidant in millet bread are good for the body. To avoid cold, children should also feed millet bread.


Fish and Soup to Prevent Winter Colds


In winter, fish and soup are also very effective. The use of ginger in the food only gets the body warm, along with the digestive process is also good.

Amla for treatment in cold
Best Home Remedies for Winter Cold: 4 things present in the house will save you from cold

Amla is not only used in the treatment of skin, hair and for diabetes. Amla is being used for the treatment of various diseases in the ancient Ayurvedic system for almost 5000 years. Freelance is compared to nectar. Amla contains Vitamin C, Vitamin AB, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, carbohydrate, fiber and diuretic acid.


Apart from this, amla and groundnut are beneficial in winter. Massage from sesame oil also works to protect us from cold. He told that in winter, avoid eating seasonal and orange food should be avoided. Dates get rid of cold even after eating it with hot milk.

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