Avoid to Drink Water while Standing Up, Know the Reason

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Avoid to Drink Water while Standing Up

These are serious damage to the body by standing up and drinking water

Water is one of the most essential part of our body and our life. About 75% of our body is made up of water. without water life is not possible. Water play an important role in keeping our body healthy and fit. Water protects body parts and tissues. It also works to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the cells.


However, everyone knows how much more is needed to drink the right amount of water for good health. But drinking only 8 glasses of water a day is not enough for good health, but in what way and in what position do you drink water? It also matters a lot for good health.


Most of us stand up and drink water. Standing in the habit of drinking water damages your body badly, let’s learn how?

Avoid to Drink Water while Standing Up

Avoid to Drink Water while Standing Up

According to Ayurveda, when we stand and drink water, then it has more pressure on our stomach because the water reaches the stomach fast with the pressure through the esophagus directly after drinking water.


It damages the stomach and surrounding the stomach and damages the digestive system. Apart from this, drinking water by drinking water does not benefit any nutrients from it.


By standing up water, water gets in the stomach with pressure, so that all the compounds are stored in bladder, which causes serious damage to the kidneys.


The method of drinking water affects our health in many ways, because water pressure affects the entire biological system of the body. It causes joint pain problems


Standing in water also causes bad effect on the lungs as it stops supply of oxygen in our food pipe and wind pipe. If a person continually stand and drinks water then that person is more likely to have lung and heart related illness.

Avoid to Drink Water while Standing Up

Thirst never gets quenched by drinking standing water. This is the reason that you feel thirsty again after a few minutes after drinking water. It would be better to sit down and drink comfortably.


When we sit down and drink water, our muscles and nervous systems are very relaxed. Along with this food is quickly digested.


Therefore, always try to drink water only after sitting. This way the water flow will be slow and the body will also get the necessary nutrients.

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