Ayurveda Reduces the Risk of Heart Attack in Patients with Diabetes

Ayurveda Reduces the Risk of Heart Attack in Patients with Diabetes


Ayurveda reduces the risk of heart attack in patients with diabetes

Ayurveda Treatment reduces the Risk of heart attack in Diabetic Patients: Ayurveda is one of

the most important part of our life, in the world of Ayurveda has everything for a man Health. But nobody

know the full mystery of Ayurveda. But today I am going to tell you the new invention of CSIR BGR-34

which help to Reduce the risk of Heart attack in Diabetic Patient.





Ayurveda Reduces the Risk of Heart Attack in Patients with Diabetes


Patients of diabetes have to take special care of their health. This is because patients with diabetes are at risk

of many other diseases.


Ayurvedic medicine developed by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) reduces the risk of

heart attack by 50 percent in BGR-34 diabetics.


About 50 percent of this drug was found to contain levels of glycosylated hemoglobin. This has come out in



In the latest issue of the Journal of Traditional and Complimentary Medicine, research has been published in

this regard.


According to the report, BGR-34 is already established as an effective medicine for diabetics. Existing

Allopathic medicines reduce the level of sugar but do not cure other complications related to it. The

properties of BGR to remove these problems also have been noticed.

 Ayurveda Reduces the Risk of Heart Attack in Patients with Diabetes




According to the journal, under the guidelines of the Indian Medical Research Council (ICMR), this drug has

been tested for 64 patients in four months for four months. During this period, two types of results emerged.

A decrease in levels of glucose levels of up to 80 percent of patients.


Prior to starting the drug, the average level of sugar was 196 (empty stomach) which was reduced to four

months after 129 mgdl. After this meal, the level decreased from 276 to 191 MGDL.


These results are good, but such results also give many allopathic medicines. CSIR has given permission to

build BGR-34 for Emil Pharmaceuticals.

According to the report, the second stimulant result is about glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1C).

Glycosylated haemoglobin was controlled by consuming this drug in 30-50 per cent of patients, whereas in

other patients, it decreased by 10 per cent in the level.


Actually, excessive glycosylated haemoglobin’s blood causes diseases associated with blood cells. In which

there is a heart attack and a headache. These two cases are increasing rapidly in diabetic patients.

Control Glycosylated in Haemoglobin:


Haemoglobin occurs within the red blood cells. Its function is to communicate oxygen. But when the amount

of sugars in haemoglobin dissolves, then the work of haemoglobin is interrupted, it is called glycosylated

haemoglobin. Its effect lasts for several months. But this level is being controlled from BGR-34.

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