Bangalore-Pondicherry Road Trip, Perfect Destinations

Bangalore-Pondicherry Road Trip

Bangalore-Pondicherry Road Trip, Perfect Destinations

Hello road tripper are you crazy about road trip and if you are in India, then which location is best for you make a road trip with lots of joy beautiful surrounding of nature then Winter Season is best for Bangalore-Pondicherry Road Trip is Perfect for you.

Pondicherry India

Pondicherry is the largest French colonial city in India. Looking at the buildings, buildings, statue and houses built in the city, it will look like you are roaming in the streets of France. From trade to war, the city of Pondicherry is very special in many ways.



Pondicherry is a perfect destination for this, if you are looking for a quiet and relaxing place for a vacation. There are so many places to roam in which you will not know when your vacation will end. Plan your road trip to Pondicherra to explore the trip, which will definitely be a memorable one.

When should I go?

Bangalore-Pondicherry Road Trip, Perfect Destinations

Pondicherry's plan to roam the summer is not a perfect idea. The month of October to March is best when the weather here is very good, in which you can explore and enjoy everything in the city. Well, the monsoon season is also good for Pondichery's road trip when the surrounding greenery will not leave any chance to woo you.


How to go?


The distance from Bangalore to Pondicherry is 320 km, which takes about 6-7 hours. Apart from your car you can also book a taxi and cab for road trip. Cab is also better because you can enjoy your journey without tipping for diving.


Route to go to Pondicherry

Bangalore-Pondicherry Road Trip, Perfect Destinations

There are three options for the road trip from Bangalore to Pondicherry and the three ways will make your journey very well and memorable.



Thiruvannamalai Route

Bengaluru- Hosur-Krishnagiri-Chengam-Tiruvannamalai-Tindivanam-Pondicherry

This is the smallest route in which you can complete Pondicherry's journey in 6-7 hours, through NH77. Yes, if you are coming to enjoy watching the scenes on the way, it may take a little longer time.


Brakes can take place at these places

Chandra Chaudeshwar Temple

Krishnagiri dam

Krishnagiri fort

Shri Ramana Ashram

Arunachaleshwar Temple

Jinji fort

Bangalore-Pondicherry Road Trip, Perfect Destinations


Vellore-Arcore Route


This is also a very beautiful road to Pondicherry, in which you can enjoy beautiful views. You can complete a 380-km journey through NH48 in 7 hours.


Brakes can take place at these places

Jawadhu Hills

Vellore fort

Palalmi hills



Chittoor-Mahabalipuram Route


You will have to go through NH75 and NH206 to go from Bangalore to Pondicherry. It takes 9 hours to decide the 440 km journey.

Brakes can take place at these places

Kaigle falls

Ekambareshwara Temple

Mahabalipuram caves


I hope this information will help you lot more and if you are a traveller and like to road trip then Bangalore-Pondicherry Road Trip could be a better choice for you in this winter season. Apart from this in India there are lots of place where you can enjoy your road trip more and this is one of them.

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