Best Home Remedy for patient of Heart Attack

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Best Home Remedy for patient of Heart Attack

Home Remedy for patient of Heart Attack

What to Do on a Heart attack: Are there even home remedies for heart attack, this question arises in many people’s minds. Actually changing lifestyle has increased the likelihood of many diseases in the human body. Some diseases are clearly the lifestyle of lifestyle. Heart attacks, diabetes, thyroid have become very common and their cases are increasing rapidly.


The problem of heart attack is the most. Like every year, World Heart Day is being celebrated for your heart’s health this year too. On this occasion, we tell you that in the event of a heart attack, the first aid can be given as first aid (heart attack first aid).


It is important that you understand Early Signs and Symptoms of A Heart Attack. So if someone around you is hit by it and you wonder about it, then how can you save his life and what are the remedies that you have to do with that heart patient in this we tell you, What you do to a heart attack.



What do you do when you get heart attack:



Call the First Help:


As soon as you understand that a person has had a Heart Attack, call them first for medical help. The reason for this is that you may try your best, but this disease will not be cured without medical help and the patient will get treatment in time.


In this way, give help to heart patients: after calling medical help, you have to help the person facing heart attack, till the help of ambulance or help. Lay it straight for him and let loose his clothes.


It may be that the surrounding environment has been heated and many people have surrounded them, then ask them to move away and leave the air instead.


Check the pulse:


Check the patient’s pulse after this. Checking the wrist pulse is good, check the neck side pulse. If the blood pressure is low then the wrist pulse could not be known.



Give oxygen:


Keep in mind that you have to see if the patient is breathing or not. If you do not breathe then try to give it oxygen. It may be that the patients are feeling nauseous or embarrassed. In such a situation, to talk to vomiting, so that other parts of the body such as lungs can not go to etc.



Help with feet:


Lift both legs of the victim so that the blood supply to the heart can be corrected.

If the person is in a state of unconsciousness then do cardiopulmonary reception (CPR), if you do not know the CPR, then you can still help the sufferer. The American Heart Association recommends making it easy, which is done by hand.


Not to do on Getting Hurt Attack:


The more important it is to know what you have to do when the heart attack comes, it is important to know what is not done during the heart attack.


Heart palpitations:


We all know that thumping and pumping should be given to the patient during heart attack. But there is a need to be careful in this regard too. Thamping and pumping (pressure and coercion) should be avoided without knowing the heartbeat.


Keep eating meditation:


If you have understood that the patient has suffered a heart attack and you are waiting for medical help then do not try to feed the victim in such a way during this time. Aspirin helps to stop blood clots Many doctors recommend that Aspirin is not for all people. There are some suggestions for using it. It can then help when it is needed, but if it is given without consulting the doctor, then it can be very harmful.


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