Best Home Remedy for Weight Loss Naturally

Best Home Remedy for Weight Loss

Best Home Remedy for Weight Loss Naturally
Best Home Remedy for Weight Loss Naturally

Home Remedy for Weight loss: Friends, as you know, obesity is the root cause of diseases and if a person becomes victim of obesity once, then there are several types of problems gradually getting started. Because of the increase in obesity, laziness starts growing in our body and we are not ready to do any work which leads to weakening of our body and also causes gain body weight quickly. It can also lead to many types of serious diseases. In which problems like heart attack, blood pressure are the main. So Today,  I will tell you how you can loose weight naturally and fast. So let us know in the way to loose weight


1. Black salt and water to loose weight fast:

How to use?

Best Home Remedy for Weight Loss Naturally
Best Home Remedy for Weight Loss Naturally

To loose weight fast, mix a spoonful of black salt in warm water and eat it in empty stomach in the morning. Using this, proteins and hydrochloric acid present in the body stimulate the digestive ingredients that are present in our body so that our food is easily digested and the body’s metabolism increases rapidly. Thus, the excess fat deposited in the body gradually decreases. Friends, in addition to the use of this method, do daily physical exercises and eat nutritious food. Do not eat out fast food at all


1 teaspoon honey+1 teaspoon lemon juice


You have to drink these two juices in hot water and drink it in the morning. Friends, it is even better if you drink it after getting it. If you did this for 10 days, you would notice the difference in your stomach and increase weight loss.


2. Weight loss by use of Turmeric:

Best Home Remedy for Weight Loss Naturally
Best Home Remedy for Weight Loss Naturally

Yes, friends have many benefits of turmeric, one of which is the benefit that we can reduce the excess fat or fat in our body by using it.

For this, you have to drink a teaspoon turmeric, a spoonful honey and half a lemon of empty stomach in a warm glass every morning and drink it in warm water. If you adopt this method every day for 21 days, then you will start to feel the difference in your body in 21 days.

Use turmeric and honey in the summer days a little less;


 If you have high sugar or high cholesterol, then consult your doctor before using this prescription.

3. Vicks and mustard oil:

Best Home Remedy for Weight Loss Naturally

To eliminate the waist and stomach fat, we need Vicks and Mustard Oil. Which easily gets found in every home. In vices and mustard oil, there are elements which dissolve the fat of the body very quickly.



How to prepare this Remedy:

Creating this remedy is very easy. First make a paste by mixing half a tablespoon Vicks and half a tablespoon of mustard oil in a bowl. And massage this paste on the waist or on the stomach. After that put a tight cloth on the waist or belly fat. This will cause sweat to start sweating. As well as sweating, waist and stomach fat will also melt and end of the result you will loose your weight naturally.

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4. Green Tea for Weight Loss :

Best Home Remedy for Weight Loss Naturally

Remember While making Green Tea:


1. Do not mix sugar and milk while making greens.

2. Deepen the granite tea into boiled water and remove it.

3. If you want to lose weight fast, then mix honey in green tea.

4. Do not drink more than 3 cups of green tea in any case. It can cause health damage.

What to add to fast weight loss:

Best Home Remedy for Weight Loss Naturally
Best Home Remedy for Weight Loss Naturally

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1. Honey should be mixed in lukewarm water. That’s why green teas are made in lukewarm water or green tea is lukewarm water. Then go and mix honey.

2. Mix one teaspoon of Green powder in Green Tea. It is helpful in reducing weight fast.

Green tea should drink

Green tea should not drink in the stomach empty. This is the right way to drink, 1 hour before eating or 1 hour after eating.


Demerits of Green tea:

1. Access of Drinking green tea can cause diarrhoea.

2. Do not drink green tea in high blood pressure. It contains the amount of caffeine, which increases blood pressure.

3. Can cause damage to the child in pregnancy.

4. The sugar patient should not drink green tea without sugar.

5. If you are consuming some type of antibiotic medicine, then you should not take green tea.


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These are the way that you can use for maintaining your body weight and also helpful for your weight loss. If you have any question please ask us and also subscribe us for new updates. Thank you

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