Deadpool 2 Cast crew story

Deadpool 2 Cast crew story 


Hello friends today I am going to share with some exciting fact on the movie Deadpool 2.  This is the second part in its series as well we know it's first part was a big hit on the box office. So guys let's know about Deadpool 2 cast crew and story.

Deadpool 2 Cast crew story


Deadpool 2 is an American superhero movie which based on Marvel comics and produced under Marvel comic studio. Deadpool 2 will come up on the box office in may 2018. This movie is directed by David Leitch and staring with Ryan Reynolds,Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin, Julian Dannison etc.

Deadpool 2 Cast crew story

Deadpool 2 cast crew story
Deadpool 2 cast crew story

Star cast and crew

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is an screen writer and producer and a Canadian actor. Ryan Reynolds stared his filmy career from the movie National Lampoon's Lampoon's an van wilder.
Ryan Reynolds movie such as The Amity ville Horror, Definitely, Maybe,The proposal, Buried, Deadpool 2 etc.


Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin is an American actor and known for his work in Hollywood cinema. Josh Brolin started his filmy career  from the movie The Goonies in 1985.

Josh Brolin movie such as Goonies, No country for old man, men in Black 3, Halloman, American gangster etc.


Morena Baccarin

Morena Baccarin is an Brazilian American actress. Morena Baccarin is known for her work in Hollywood cinema.

Morena movie such as Firefly, Stargate 1, Stargate the ark of truth, Deadpool I, Deadpool 2 etc.


Julian Dannison

Julian Dannison is an child actor in this movie, he was born in New Zealand in 2002, Julian Dannison debuts as a child actor in 2013 from the movie shopping.

His movie such as paper Planes, hunt for the wilder people which is higher opening in New Zealand.

                                                            Deadpool 2 cast crew story

T. J. Miller

Todd Joseph Miller is a stand-up comedian, producer, actor and writer from America. TJ. Miller movie such as Cloverfield, Yogi bear, Deadpool, emoji movie, Deadpool 2 etc.

So friends I hope you will enjoy the information and if you have any suggestion then please comment us and we will try to give our best to you.


David Leitch (The Director of the film)

Deadpool 2 movie is directed by David Leitch.

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