Dhadak movie Day 1 Box office Collection and Story Review

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Dhadak movie Day 1 Box office Collection and Story Review

Dhadak Box  office Collection Day 1

Dhadak movie Day 1 Box office Collection and Story Review : If we talk about the

opening of the Dhadak movie day one collection, Then it is quite good but not excellent.

The Day 1 collecection of Dhadak movie on the box office is 8.71 Crore.

Story Review of Dhadak

Director Shashank Khaitan may have made Blockbuster of Sarat but the film is somewhat



The story of the Dhadak move is similar to Sarat, but the outcome is slightly different. The

first part of the film is a bit slow but after the interval, the story seems to be moving forward in

a fast pace.


The way the director has imprisoned Udaipur and Kolkata in his camera, he has to be praised.

Ashutosh Rana alongside Jahnavi and Ishaan, and Ishaan Khattar's friends who have

made friends in the film have done a great job.


This is Jahnavi Kapoor's first film in which there are many such places where you will see

Sridevi remembered by her performance.


This is the story of a lover of college studying in the first year, who regards his love higher than

his family and society.


The beginning story of Dhadak is exactly like that of a simple love story. Both the girl of the

large rich house and also the traditional house boy fall taken with with one another so they are

doing not notice. it's shown within the starting of the story that (Madhu Jahnvi Kapoor) is one-

sided taken with with Parthvi. he's additionally watching Parthvi (Ishan Khattar) in his dream.


As before long as he comes out of the dream, his friend reminds him that he should participate

in a very competition to eat food, simply what else was the name of the actor Parthvi's name

starts running within the whole body of Madhukar and he additionally wins the competition

during this greed. It starts once each the straightforward deep story.

Dhadak movie Day 1 Box office Collection and Story Review

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Dhadak movie Day 1 Box office Collection and Story Review

Wherever he goes, Madhu goes there to envision him in a very glimpse of his love. He dives in

Udaipur lake of Udaipur and additionally within the love of Parthvi. These activities of Madhu

ar currently attending to notice the devotion.


Madhu taken with with Parthvi is prepared to try and do everything she desires to try and do.

He gets able to hear the song in English albeit it doesn't understand the name of Justin Bieber.

Madhu, once creating a translation in English, takes on winning the love of Parthvi and

eventually the story begins, however this point, not one aspect however by combining each.


Together with the title track of the film, they permit their like to flow in Udaipur's lawsuits,

however they assert that the love of the young age could be a very little bounce. Parthvi involves

Joshi and tells Madhu that if she desires her then she is going to have to be compelled to

penetrate and what to try and do once taking her before of everybody. Madhu additionally goes

to the house of Parthvi in a passionate passion wherever the birthday of her elder brother is

being celebrated.


There were enemies of some love during this celebration, that tell the daddy and brother

concerning the devils and honey. the 2 hands ar caught holding the artificial hand. Madhukar

and his 2 friends ar crushed a great deal. At an equivalent time the parthvi is secured within the



Madhu and Parthvi begin their life in a very little area in urban center, many thousand

kilometers faraway from Udaipur and their families. Parthvi doesn't have such habit of life.


Here, he should use a standard rest room, seeing that he starts to miss his house. She starts

talking concerning this factor in her mind that she ran away with honey, her call is correct for

love among all this, beginning a waiter in a very little eating house to run a honey house



At an equivalent time, Parthwa additionally started operating within the centre to stay himself

busy. within the in the meantime, Parthvi and Madhu settle for their life among the fight-

quarrels. each of them ar currently happier in their lives.


Both of them become beloved by their oldsters. sensible job takes place. apart from little rented

rooms, obtain their home. The new Climax currently should be within the new house. New as a

result of the people that have seen the film Sarat tell them that there's a small distinction

between the climax of clerical and Dhadak climax.


The home of the new home of Parthvi and Madhu is entered. each of them ar engaged in

preparations, in such some way, the daddy of Parthvi is aware of that each ar wherever. He sent

his son, i.e. Parthvi's brother and a few love enemies to his new home.

Weak point of the movie

If you bring up the weaknesses of Dhadak film, then compare the story of the film, if you are

doing with Sanskritic language film, Sarat, then perhaps this flick won't come back faithful your expectations.


Shashank Khaitan created many major changes within the script. The title track of the film

is incredibly nice, however those that have detected of Sarat in Sarath in Sanskritic language

might not have liked it in Hindi.


There has been an effort to focus on the difficulty of romance similarly as homicide within the

film, however there ar several such places wherever you will see less emotions as a spectator.

The Sanskritic language film 'Sarat' was created within the budget of around four large integer

whereas the Dhadak value of fifty five large integer is being reported . currently it'll be

attention-grabbing to envision however nice he's at the box workplace.


Movie: Dhadak

Director: Shashank Khaitan

Star cast: Ishaan Khattar, Jahnavi Kapoor, Ashutosh Rana

Rating: 3 stars

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