Facebook Blocked Thousands of Applications From Their Platform

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Facebook Blocked Thousands of Applications From Their Platform Know why?


Facebook Blocked Thousands of Applications From Their Platform: Social media

giant Facebook blocked thousands of applications from their platform from

accessing user data.


Let us know that since the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, Facebook has started

taking cautious, User Security and has also laid down several conditions for giving user

access to other apps on Facebook.


Facebook Product Partnership Vice President said, 'Facebook has removed thousands

of API accesses that were not active and did not apply for an app review'.


He also said, By making these changes, our objective is to ensure that we protect the

information of users on Facebook and give developers a better chance of social



Such as managing groups, planning trips, or booking tickets for your favorite

band concert.


What is Facebook access app?

There are many apps on Facebook Third party developers engage users with these

apps, which allow people to spend more time on Facebook. It benefits both. Developers and

Facebook both make money from it.


Developers get the benefit of Facebook's user base and Facebook gets people's stay time,

which they are using Facebook's service because of that app.


For app access, the developer has to take Facebook permission. The feature of the Log In

with app is now available in almost inappropriate apps. With this, users can log on to that

app with Facebook information registered without that app.


By doing this, the app takes information about the user. However, for that the app also asks

for permission from you. Actually, Facebook has removed thousands of such apps

that did not participate in the review process and were inactive.


Facebook blocked thousands of applications from their platform

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FB is planning to launch its own satellites by next year

Apart from this, for connection with billions of people who are still offline, Facebook is

planning to launch its own internet satellite 'Athena', which will be installed in class

at the beginning of 2019. This information has been given in the report of The Wired.


It was reported in the report that according to an application filed by Facebook under the

name of Point view LLC in front of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The

project was designed to provide broadband access efficiently to unverified and underserved

areas across the globe.


Although Facebook isn't the sole company performing on the net to extend access to the net

through the Satellite of Lo cash Orbit.


Allen Musk's house X and SoftBank support, OneWeb square measure 2 alternative major

corporations, WHO have similar ambitions. The Wired report aforesaid that Facebook has

additionally confirmed the Pallas project.


Although, at this time we have nothing to share about specific projects. We believe that

satellite technology will be an important basis for the next generation broadband

infrastructure. This is said by report in a statement quoted by a Facebook spokesman.


This will make it possible to bring broadband connectivity to rural areas, where there is lack

of internet connectivity or existence


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