Facebook will now check the fact and photo in the video

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Facebook will now check the fact and photo in the video

Facebook will now check the fact and photo in the video


Facebook will now check the fact and photo in the video: Social media giant company Facebook

will now check the fact and photo in the video. According to the company, the photographs and

videos posted on social media will check their fact with the help of technology and reviewers.

Earlier, the company started to check factories in content.


Facebook has said that wrong information is now being spread through photos and videos. Facebook Product

Manager Tessa Lions said in a statement: "Incorrect claims like any article can be shown to you through any

photo or background audio and video. To fight wrong information, we have to check the fact of different

content types.


Facebook has said in its blog post that every day people post millions of photos and videos on Facebook. These

are interesting because of such post-visuals. Because of this, wrong people use it to manipulate the facts.

Facebook users can also flag any photos and videos to review


Facebook has said, 'Our Third Party Fact Checking Partners are experts in understanding photos and videos.

They have many ways for variation, such as reverse image search and image information from metadata. Meta

data i.e. when and where this photo was clicked.


According to Facebook, the fact checkers can explore the reality of photos and videos by using their own skills.

Apart from this he can also check factories with experts and government agencies on these matters.

 Facebook will now check the fact and photo in the video

Facbook Data Centers


Facebook's data centers are currently in the US and Europe. Government committees in India are working to

ensure that the data born within the country is kept in the boundaries of the country. The World Bank has

recently described Singapore as the best country to do business in Asia.


Effect of Cambridge Analitica on FACEBOOK


Facebook-Cambridge Analitica data scandal is showing on Facebook. According to a new study, more

than one in four people has deleted Facebook. This data is about deleting the Facebook app from the mobile,

not the deletion of the Facebook account.


The special thing is that the users of Facebook deletion age 18 to 29 years old. Because 44 percent of deleting

users are young According to Pew Data, about 74 percent of Facebook users have made important changes to

their Facebook account. Such as changes in Facebook privacy settings, break for Facebook for a few weeks, or

delete Facebook from phone itself.


Few Research has done this study on America's amendments from May 29 to June 11, and it was a time when

Facebook was on the verge of questioning about Cambridge Anilica data scandal.


According to a poll of Pew Research, more than a quarter of American Facebook users have deleted the app

from their phone. 54 percent of US users have made changes to app settings, and 42 percent of these users

have stopped using the Facebook app for a few weeks.

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The step taken by Facebook can be a game changer in the way of confliction and may help to improve the  security level ahead of facbook. I hope this information will help you. for getting more information about technology entertainment, health please follow us and subscribe our website. Thank you

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