FB Hacking: May be fined 12 thousand crores

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FB Hacking: May be fined 12 thousand crores, Mark Zuckerberg

FB Hacking: May be fined 12 thousand crores


Data from more than 5 dryers of Facebook users is stolen. This can be called the largest data breach in Facebook

history. For this loss to the user, a penalty of 1.63 billion dollars (about Rs 11,900crore) can be imposed on the social media

giants from the European Union.


Facebook has said that the company has reset 50 million tokens and another 40 million tokens have also been investigated.

Facebook is under investigation and more turnkey points can come.

According to a media report from the Wall Street Journal, Ireland Data Protection, which sees Facebook privacy regulators in

Europe, has sought details in detail with access tokens and digital keylogged hacks of 5 million Facebook users. According to

the report, "Privates Watchdog may charge $ 1.63 billion for this data breach at Facebush"

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What Said European Union Agency?

The agency of the European Union, which oversees privacy, said, "We are worried that on Tuesday, Facebook received the news

of this data breach and it has affected millions of user accounts, but Facebook still has this data breech The reason is because of

failing to tell and neither has the users been told about the danger.

A Facebook spokesman said Facebook will respond to the agency of the European Union.


It is worth mentioning that about 5 million Facebook user accounts have been affected in the biggest Facebook hacking after

Cambridge Analytica. Facebook has given it the reason access token or digital key, by taking advantage of the hackers has done

this. Hackers have blocked Facebook access token so that they can use direct user accounts.

You can understand access token digital keys that users can stay logged on for long periods of time without having to enter the password on Facebook.


Facebook will now check the fact and photo in the video
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's statement

Mark Zuckarberg said, "I'm glad we grabbed it, corrected the badness and corrected the accounts which could be in danger.

The truth is that we have to continuously develop new tools which can prevent it from being initially '


Social media giant Facebook is once again surrounded by questions about Data Breach. The Facebook account of 5 million

users became part of this data theft In the coming times, Facebook will give users the option of recovering their accounts

through the AppSearch app.

It is worth mentioning that WhatsApp is now the company of Facebook and probably can do this for Facebook Extra Security.

After purchasing Whatsapp, Facebook has made several changes to this app.

However, the co-founders of Whatsapp were upset, when Facebook prepared to bring an ad in it and made a policy of sharing

Whatsapp app data on the Facebook server. However, WhatsApp's co-founder later left Facebook.



I Hope that Mark Zuckerberg take some more powerful action to protect user data of Facebook. For this they can add more new feature to the Facebook and be sure to maximise the security of data stolen from facebook.

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