Five Proven Link Building Strategies Part 1

Today I'm gonna show you Five Proven Link Building Strategies and some advanced techniques I've never heard anyone else talk about. Keep reading. We have a lot to cover in today's Blog so let's get started.

Five Proven Link Building Strategies

1. Blog SEO, keyword research, on-page SEO

Without further ado, let's kick things off with strategy number one, link round ups. Imagine if people publish blog posts for the sole purpose of linking out to quality content, the type of quality content that you already publish on your site. That would be awesome, right?  this's a real thing and it's called link roundups. Here is an example of a link roundup.


What are link roundups exactly?


Link roundups are daily, weekly, or monthly blog posts that curate and link to outstanding content. For example, this is a link that I recently built from a roundup. Now let's break down the exact process that I used to get that link.


First, you need to find link roundups in your industry. Just pop these search strings into Google and you should find tons of high-quality roundups.


Once you find the link roundup that seems like a good fit, it's time to pitch your content. There is the email script that I personally use. You want to send the script to the person that runs the roundup. As you can see, this script isn't pushy or Spam.


I just let the person know that my content exists and gently suggest that they include itin their next roundup. If your post or articles are  good  and fit for that person's roundup, you'll get a sweet backlink. That's all there is to it. With that,


2. Broken link Building strategy


Broken link building is one of the most favourite link building strategies for me. When most people build links, they send generic pictures that offer zero value. Can I have a link, please? Thank you. Send. Here is the step-by-step process.


First, add Check My Links to Google Chrome. Check My Links is a free Google Chrome extension that finds broken links on any page. I'll show you how to use this tool in a minute. But for now, let's move on to step number two.


Search a site on Google or other search engine to get a link from that website. You probably already have a few sites in mind. If not, just Google keywords related to your industry. The sites that show up in the search results are great sites to get backlinks from.


For example, last year I wanted to build links to this list of SEO tools so I googled things like SEO checklist and SEO tutorial.


Next, it's time to check for broken links. To do this, just visit a few pages on the site you just found and run the Check My Links extension. This will reveal all the broken links on that page. Finally, let the site owner know about their broken link and offer your content as a replacement. For example, when I find a broken link on someone's site, I send them this email.


Note how personalized my email is. The more you personalize your email, the more links you'll get. Anyway when they reply to my message, I sent them the URL of the broken link, I also pitch my SEO tools post as a replacement for the dead link.


Because I added value first, then ask for something in return, people were happy to link to me.

Five Proven Link Building Strategies

3. Build links from podcasts


A few months ago, I was checking out where one of the sites in my niche got their backlinks from and I noticed that a big chunk of their backlinks came from going on podcasts.


So I decided to become a guest on as many podcasts as I could. In fact, I appeared on over 50 podcasts over the next year. Not only did these podcasts send some serious traffic my way but they resulted in tons of high-quality backlinks.


4. Create branded strategies and methods


A few years ago, I was searching for some productivity tips and I came across this post by Merlin Mann. In this post, Merlin outlined something called Inbox Zero, a productivity approach where you use your inbox as your to-do list.


But that wasn't what grabbed my attention. What shocked me was that this simple idea generated over 5,000 backlinks. When I looked over those backlinks, I noticed a pattern.


Most people link to the page because it outlined a strategy with a unique name, Inbox Zero. That's when I decided that I would try naming my strategies too.



How did it go? The post where I first mentioned the skyscraper technique has been linked to over 9,000 times. If you look at those links, 90% of them are due to the fact that I gave my strategy a unique branded name.

Five Proven Link Building Strategies

5. Become a source for reporters and bloggers


Here is the deal. Fortunately this isn't as hard as it probably sounds. In fact, it's very double thanks to a free service called HARO. HARO is like a dating site for public relations. HARO connects bloggers and journalists that need sources to people that want links and press mentions.


I personally used HARO to build links for mega news sites like It's not always easy to get links from this site for that you have to do some work. But in my experience, it's one of the best ways to build quality backlinks at scale. With that, let's dive into the step-by-step process.


First, register as a source. Once you're signed up, you'll get three emails a day from reporters looking for sources like this. When you find a request that seems like a good fit, send them your pitch.


For example, a while back, I saw a HARO request from someone that wanted to know what's the difference between graphic design and web design. So I submitted this pitch and I got this sweet link from, which is an authoritative edu domain.

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