Good News For Big Boss Fans

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Good News For Big Boss Fans

Good News For Big Boss Fans: There is good news for the fans of Bigg Boss. The promos of 'Bigg Boss 12' have begun, and Salman Khan, the popular host of Bigg Boss, has started showing his prediction.

New Theme of Big Boss 12 Season

The theme of 'Big Boss 12' is bizarre junkies, and Salman Khan is making an audience with the bizarre couples in every promo. The third promo of 'Bigg Boss 12' has come up, and it's a bizarre pair of Peon and Madam. Peon is sarcasm, so Madam is a dacoit. These promos of 'Big Boss 12' are really interesting.

The specialty of 'Big Boss 12' will be its bizarre couples this time, from which movie stars to Commoner will be seen. According to sources, Commoner and Stars will come in pairs and there will be many stars who will come alone.

This time the concept of the pair of Big Boss is going to be very interesting. Anyway, Salman Khan seems to be having fun in the promo. Attempts have been made to make a tremendous show through the pairs.

There are also reports of the pair of 'International' Starring Danny D and Indian actress Mehika Sharma as a pair of 'Bigg Boss 12'. It is being told that this hot couple will get bigger fees in Big Boss's house. Sources say that the couple has to pay around Rs. 95 lakh per week.

Good News For Big Boss Fans

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Big Boss 12 Starts From

You will meet, that is, what are the rumors both in this house with this high fee, it will also be interesting. It is being told that 'Bigg Boss 12' is going to start from September 16. Anyway, Big Boss fans are eagerly awaiting its new season throughout the year.

The makers declared the 12th season of Bigg Boss and even disclosed that the theme of the show. The show can have jodis and now the viewers can get the foremost distinctive jodis on the little screen. within the promos too Salman Khan has introduced the 'Vichitra jodis'.


The 12th season of Bigg Boss's debut and controversial reality show Bigg Boss is going to be launched soon. Significantly, this season of Big Boss will be in a completely new style.

This time, while there are many couples with the single contestant, Salman Khan is going to look completely different in the Bigg Boss Season 12. There is a news in the meantime, 'Weekend War' which is going to be seen every week, can be seen quite differently this season.


So guys we can say that Big Boss Season 12 might be more interesting than ever. So let's wait when the show starts. For getting more info about big boss follow us and subscribe us and also share this article who love Big Boss. Thank you

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