Harsil Tourism The Mini Switzerland of India Travel Guide

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Harsil Tourism: The Mini Switzerland of India
Harsil Tourism The Mini Switzerland of India Travel Guide

Harsil the Valley of Flowers: Flowers that fill happiness in life have their own world, which delight the mind with its colour and fragrance. If such trees of flowers are in beautiful valleys spread across the foothills of the Himalayas, their sensation makes them happy. Lets know the beauty of nature present in the Harsil and how it called Harsil The Mini Switzerland of India.


Going away from the urban part-race, you have to be happy after spending some time in the shadow of nature, then let's go to the valleys of Harsil, where you will be living with the world of Himalayan flowers, -Proppers and Gagan will find kissing in the heart of the summit. Nagani-Karkotti, Ganganani Karkotti, Upper Karkotti, Cholmi, Seven lanes are here. All of which are within 10 to 16 kms of Harsil.


Valley of Most Beautiful flowers

Harsil Tourism The Mini Switzerland of India Travel Guide

Ganganani Karkotti, Lower Karkotti, Upper Karkotti have only one track. Which is the most beautiful of flowers. To reach here, 75km from Uttarkashi district headquarters There is a road facility far away to Harsil. After which the pedestrian begins.


Flowing through the fast velocity, the river goes along the shady dewy winding path between the riverside and the shade of cedar-rich trees. Six km There is a red deity place on foot. Light uphill from Harsil to Laldev Place. The Red Goddess Venus is the main religious place of the bogori and the Bhatia villagers.


One kilometer from the place of red deity At the distance of the banquet trees are big forests. Near it is the thick red flowers of Himalayan white-pink humus. Four km from the place of Goddard At the distance is Gangnani Karkakoti.


Here, the valley has spread its arms with colourful flowers. As if this nature of nature is for us only. Tourist at Ganganani Karkotti, located at an altitude of 3100 meters, creates a nighttime resting place. For this, tents, slipping bags and food arrangements have to be arranged with you. Which becomes readily available with Porter in Harshil.


There is also the pleasure of spending the night here among the fragrances of flowers. The dawn here is not less than any natural charisma. When the first ray of sun rises on the snow peaks, white snow covered peaks are also seen with a golden crown.


As soon as the morning, the petals of flowers begin scattering their colour. Two km from Ganganani Kerakoti At the distance of Lower Karkotti and two km from there At the distance is the Upper Karkotti. Located at an altitude of 3250 meters, this area is very beautiful. Here you can see the beautiful flower kinds at the step-by-step.


Eight km Long track

Harsil Tourism The Mini Switzerland of India Travel Guide

Nagani Karkakoti track eight km It's long. Which starts from Harshil. A kilometer away from Harshil Army camp There is a crib on the distance, from which two km The crossing stops after crossing the climb. From here the track passes through the flowers of flowers.


About three kilometers At the height of 3300 meters on foot, the picturesque Bugyal and the flowers are filled with flowers. Mangalachu rhythm surrounded by floral plagues, some km away from here. Tourists can return here in a day, but most tourists make their tents near the nanny.


Dhalali village passes through the middle of the apple gardens to go for seven rhythm. On the way, the beautiful locks are deodar and the world of white blossom flowers is seen.


Harsil the Mini Switzerland in India

Harsil Tourism The Mini Switzerland of India Travel Guide

Harshil, who is located at an altitude of 7860 feet in the lap of the Himalaya sky kissing peaks, is also called India's Mini Switzerland. Here are the beautiful instruments, the dense forest of pine, the vast beauty spread around, the colourful flower blossoms, and the river Bhagirathi (Ganges), flowing through the glaciers on the mountains, looks calm.


Here is the ancient Hari Mandir on the Sangam shore of the river Jaldri and the river Bhagirathi. World famous Harshil has all the arrangements for the stay and feeding of tourists. Barely one km from Harsil


At the distance, the wooden house built in the Bagori village splits its beauty. You can stay in these homes under the Home Stay. The villages belong to the rural castes, Bhatia and Buddhist communities.


These beautiful flowers are here: 

Harsil Tourism The Mini Switzerland of India Travel Guide

The instruments of Harshil include Kampanula, Morina, Ligularia, Labialia, Strawberry, Anemone, Germanium, Marsh, Genda, Prebhula, Potentilla, Zimm, Tarak, Lilium, Himalayan blue poppy, Bachhnag, Delphinium, Ranunculus, Coridalis, Indula, Sasuria, Companula, Flowers such as pedicularis, morina, impetinus, bistorata, ligularia, anaphlis, saxifaa, lobilia, thermopsis etc. are thickened.


How to reach


160km from Rishikesh to Uttarkashi While, 200km from Uttarkashi to Dehradun is. By the way, the Mussoorie-Dhanoli route can also be reached Uttarkashi.

Only 140 km from here Will have to travel The distance from Uttarkashi to Harsil is 75 km is. From Uttarkashi, buses, taxi and max are easily available for Harsil.

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