How to do keyword research

Keywords research


Hi guys today I am going to tell you “Best keyword research tools” and  “How to do keywords research” for your website's or blog or even for your video to increase the ranking and come up on the first page in search engine like Google Yahoo and Bing etc.


So guy keep calm and read this full article and after the end I am sure that you will be aware about how to find the best keywords for your website.


As we know keywords is the most important part of any website and blogs, without a keyword research it is very difficult to improve your website ranking on any search engine like Google Bing and Yahoo and other search engines.


Keyword research analysis is the process of knowing what searches on the internet and most important the keyword must be match with your current topic or post content that you going to be published.

Single keyword or short keyword

Keyword research may be short or long tail keyword

The keyword in which there are one or two word in a sentence

For example-

Keyword Research

Long tail keywords

The keywords that have more than two or three or even more words in a line call long tail keywords.

For example-

How to do Keyword research analysis


Now you know about long keyword and short keyword. And now you also know which keyword has more competition and more CPC rate and also know which keyword has low competition but high CPC.


So here you have to find low competition but high CPC keywords for your post. It can be long tail Keywords or single word keywords.


There are many type of tools and software are present on the internet, that will help you to find out the best keywords for you website. Some of them are paid and some are free.

Google keyword planner (Free to use)

Google keyword planner is the most useful and powerful tool for keyword research analysis and this is a free tool, if you trying to find out some free keyword research tool then I will suggest you to use this and definitely this will increase the SEO of you website, for this you must have Google AdWords account to use this tool for free.

Ahrefs tool

Ahrefs tool is another most powerful tools, this will help you to find out most relevant keywords for your blog post and also will show you the search competition for relevant keywords. This is not a free tool you have to pay some amount of money to use this every month. But I suggest you to use this once a time.

Long tail pro

Long tail pro is another  best keywords researching tool that will help you to find out best keywords for your blog posts. As the name long-tail pro that means you can find a long keywords with high CPC rate with low competition that will boost your SEO in search engines and will increase the website ranking.

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