How to Protect your laptop, computer and mobile phone from virus

How to Protect your laptop, computer and mobile phone from virus

The world is disturbed by these Dino Ransomware Attack, it has in a way hosted the computing of many countries of the world. Such ransom attacks have happened earlier and in the future, such fears can not be ruled out. In such a way, by taking some urgent measures, the system can be protected from the influence of the rainbow. so now I am going to tel you how to protect your laptop, computer and even your smart phone from Ransomeware attack.

Before running any file do this-


Before running any file on your computer, check whether it is trusted or not, Viruses, such as viruses, spread like this when we download anything from anauthorized source and run the file.


Tips to protect your computer from Ransomware attack-


Do not click on attach link for any unknown email, and do not open spam mail coming to your mail.

To avoid cyber attacks, use the Windows Farewell in your computer system as well as install updates available on your computer.

Manually disabled the SMBV1. after that close the inbound traffic SMBV port(139,445 ) with the help of firewall, and this is publicly accepted.

Save your computer from outdated OS

Keep on your computer and laptop for automatic update-


If you are using Windows OS, it is very important to avoid runtime, always keep your system updates. The virus has targeted Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8, which Microsoft has now stopped updating, Regardless of its old system, Microsoft has released a patch in order to avoid these newcomers. If you are using Windows and do not get automatic updates then you can adopt these methods.


For Windows 7-


First of all go to Start> Control Panel> System & Security> Windows Update, select the change option here on the left side and click Ok on install update automatically.


For Windows 8.1-


After going to Control Panel go to System and Security> Windows Update, After going to the Change setting on the left side, go to the install update automatically and click OK.


For Windows 10-


In Windows 10 first click on the settings icon in the Start Keys, then click on the Advanced option to get an update option.


Third Party Firewall and Antivirus-


If you think that the security of Windows Firewall and Windows Defender can not be found then buy better security and good firewalls and antivirus for example AVG antivirus, Quick Heal etc.Using antivirus software can avoid viruses that are common type. Antivirus also alerts and prevent you about the Unsafe website Network Scan software update system. Both free and paid antivirus are available on the internet you can download or purchase it.


Do the regular Backup-


Regular backup of important data, even after these safety measures, Because once the virus encrypts your files it is difficult to regain it again. Experts should always take backups of the multiple backups, as well as the physical hard drive, and also can backup their data on cloud services.

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