How to Recover Deleted Data From Laptop or PC

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How to Recover Deleted Data From Laptop or PC

How to Recover Deleted Data From Laptop or PC: Hi guys whats up, Today i am going

to tell you about How to Recover Deleted Data From Laptop or PC. Some times this very

important for some people, if their important data deleted from their laptop or pc



Most of the people know how to recover deleted data from their computer or laptop but stil a lot

of people don't know how to recover deleted date from the laptop or pc.


So today i decided to discuss on this topic because lots of people ask me on this topic. We all

know almost every person who work on laptop or pc, then they have some important data also

and he want to keep in laptop or pc, and unfortunately or accidentally the data deleted by

him, he feel very upset.


Some times if the data deleted from your pc r laptop does not store in recycle bin because we've

been able to delete data from your computer and I do not even want to recycle it. Do you want

to recover data from this site? If you delete any data from your computer, you can

restore it or use it again.


It is possible to recover the lost data from the data that has been lost to the poor data. Even

when I was searching for data, I was able to get the file formate ...


image:              jpg png cr2., gif.

video:               mp4., 3gp., wmv, mkv.

Doccument:   doc, .ppt, .docx, .pptx, .xls, .psd, .xlxs

Audio:             .mp3, .wav, .m4a, wma, .flacc


This is the process tab and if you want to delete it, then you have to delete the data that is

located in the location.



How to Recover Deleted Data From Laptop or PC

Method one
1. Use of Windows Built-In Features:

The windows operating system has a built-in version of the previous version. This feature

lets you scan a folder or a file. Click on the computer or laptop to start and press this button

to start this PC. Remove the folder from the location of the folder. Click on the folder or right-

click on the previous version of the folder. Please choose the file from your file. Click on the

restore button. The file is reset to this file.


Metod Two
2. Use of third party software:

If you do not want to do any other work, you can also use third party apps like easyus

partition, rekua, rescue pro.


Please download and install one of the following. If you want to delete a folder or select a folder,

please delete the file.


Please go to scan the file format and select it again. If you want to open a file format, click here

to remove it, and to delete the file, you can save it. If you want to save the file, you can save the




So friends this is the best method which I said, you can use this method for recovering deleted

data from your computer or pc. According to me the first method is very simple  and easy to use

and it is already present in your computer.


Second method is also good but you have to install external software for this. In the next article

we will tell you some useful software that will help you get lost data from your computer or


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