How to Start Your Own Online Business, Business Idea for making Money online

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Idea for How to Start Your Own Online Business

How to Start Your Own Online Business, Business Idea for making Money online

Hey guys, welcome back to you again on aur website News resolution. And this article is about,How to Actually Make Money From Your Passion. It could also be called, How to Start Your Own Online Business. And you're gonna get more practical informationin this article or post than you would get in four years of business school.

Now, your own online business is a precious treasure. I'm gonna talk to you about how to turn your passion and your knowledge into money. And you've seen the skip college for success, pyramid of success but, I'm gonna make one tweak.


So, we've talked getting a job. Getting in demand skills, freelancing, things like that. But, if you are in High School right now, you actually have an advantage that most people don't.


Your parents are probably still paying for your housing, your food and your clothes. Your basic needs, so you don't need to work. Your job right now is going to school and wasting your time and energy on a lot of classes.


Now, once you free your mind up and you realize,"Hey guess what? I don't have to spendall this time going crazy memorizing historical dates, taking SATs, I'm just gonna get cause no one ever will care about my high school transcript.


Once you free up all that time and energy in your own head. You can put your energy into your online business, your passion and passive income. And that's a great place to start. The sooner you start the better.

How to Start Your Own Online Business, Business Idea for making Money online

Now making money fast without doing anything is BS. I don't like these website like these that say,"How would if feel to start making over $400 an hour without having to do anything." Well, how would it feel to have super models come over to your house and give you a hot oil rub down? I'm sure it would feel great, it's an absolute delusion.


These are the types of websites and offers that make legitimate digital marketing and online marketing look bad.


So, the moral of the story is you got to work hard and be persistent to actually have success. But that's why the sooner you start the better. If you're ten years old and you're watching this you are in a great position. Now, I used to hear the word business and I would tune out or I would feel overwhelmed because it seemed complex and boring. But it's not, it's just that school makes it seem that way.

Online income


Online income does exist, it's not a mythical creature. But once again, you're gonna have to dodge some terrible information from both school and the internet. Now, Universities claim to be teaching business and I don't know how they get away with that because this is not business.


Principle of Macro economics

Innovation of Design Thinking. Global Social Entrepreneurship. As an elective, Digital Marketing by the way as an elective. Not one of the main cores of the curriculum.And this is why Business Majors have one of the highest underemployment rates. Actually, higher than Art History or Communications.


Now people think this is how business works or starts. You pitch some huge idea to an investor, like on Shark Tank, you're trying to get seed money to manufacture some product or invention. You're trying to be some kind of business rockstar. And business has been mixed up with celebrity culture, T.V. shows, all sorts of nonsense. And we've idolized a lot of the business leaders in our culture.


So it leads to a lot of disconnection and confusion and it seems over complicated. And this is why, first of all, a lot of conventional businesses and business students just fail because you're trying to. You're thinking in a very over complicated way.


If you don't know about business that's fine. Because I didn't either, I was a woodworking Major. So I'm going to tell you even someone whose an Art Major,has no business background, can actually get into business. Which is what I have been doing for the past six years.

How to Start Your Own Online Business, Business Idea for making Money online


I wrote the book, I didn't really know what to do with it, cause I didn't know anything about marketing at the time. So I built a website, I built a website in 2010 called Woodworking Secrets. I had no idea what I was doing. I took a course on search engine optimization. This is from the web archive, this screenshot by the way, cause the website is long gone. I had no idea what I was doing but there was this magic button. I had a button on my website where I offered people a way to give me money in exchange for my book.


My information, my expertise, my value. So like on the Simpsons. So I put the website up, I put the button up,so people could get my book and then someone bought the book. $40 landed in my bank account. And this changed my life, it wasn't a lot of money, but it came in, through the internet, from a stranger without any active work on my part.It just was like, it was like, mind blowing to me.


This was passive income and this how it happened. This is the business model that you want to familiarize yourself with that they're not teaching in business school. So a customer on the internet, came to my crappy looking website, it didn't have to be fancy, they saw my book which talked about why Woodworking secretes is not a good investment.


I had information that most people don't have because most people that went to woodworking didn't write a book about it, right? So I had a sales page, I had a price, it was like $40.


I connected it to a payment processor which was just PayPal at the time. I think I was using E-junkie, very simple.They paid the money and then they were sent an email with a pdf download of my book.


That's it, that's the business.It's not something that requires you to study microeconomics or statistics or foreign international relations. This is a business, a very small, simple and brilliant business. This is what I call a 21st century business and this is how I earned hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not just from this, from other products that I offer.This is how I earned my first online check from Click Bank. I remember, it was a $116.47. Oh my God though, that hundred dollars to me felt like I had won the lottery.


I had never, ever in my life taken my knowledge, expertise and something about myself and used it to help someone else and earn money from it. It was the most fulfilling thing. I wasn't just filing papers in some office or delivering pizzas or doing some menial crap.


I was doing something meaningful and I got paid and it didn't matter to me if I was making$50 or a $100, it was awesome.


So business, this is all business is guys, solving problems. Reframe everything that you buy in terms of what problem it solves. The dishwasher solves dirty dishes, a car solves the need to get around. This is all, you could throw out business school, you could throw out business major.

How to Start Your Own Online Business, Business Idea for making Money online


This is all you need to be thinking in terms of. Freelancing services, marketing/copywriting, they help businesses solve the problem. They need customers, they need people to come to their business,


     A plumber fixed a broken toilet.

     Police try to solves crimes.

     Doctors try to fix sickness and illness.

     Teachers try to solve ignorance, very unsuccessfully.

    A personal trainer helps people being overweight or stop being out of shape.


You could make a list, you should probably just try doing this, make a list of 100 jobs or products in the world and reframe it in terms of what problem it solves.



I mean, even a flashlight, helps people see in the dark. Humans have lots of problems, like millions of problemsin every area you can imagine.


So this provides opportunity. YouTube started as a how-to informational video site because people do not know how to do things.


Get a job, a spouse, change their oil, stretch, get good grades, pass the SAT's, lose weight, reduce acne, get clients, snowboard, play guitar.


So many things we don't know how to do. There's three point four billion searches a day. People are looking for information, answers, solutions to problems. Think about what Google is, Google is just a big question box, of all sorts of questions. And not all problems or questions are serious or require a physical solution.


They're going to be trying to invent the next Ipod or something like that. Hollywood, for instance, think about that, it's a $1,000,000,000 industry. All they do is solve the problem of boredom. The human psyche.


You know dogs and cats don't need you, they can be entertained with like a ball, or a flashing laser light but human beings need more complex forms of entertainment. That's a problem that they solve. People's biggest problems are solved with information. They're not physical products.


Think about all the, college really is the best example. People, I don't know if I said that in the next slide. College people are paying more money than they can afford for information, supposedly. Investing, parenting, we're gonna get more into this.


As I told you, I solved the problem people had questions about woodworking. They wanted a career in woodworking. I went on to create a course that helped people to get their woodworking careers going. I went beyond just writing a booka bout why film school wasn't a good idea and said this is what you should do instead.


Here's how you do the practical stuff, I started doing when I was 17. You do this, you'll get results. I help people all over the world using my passion, knowledge and experience. And I made money doing it, it was awesome. I didn't need to come up with a new invention. I didn't need Venture Capital,


I don't need employees or a business plan or principles of financial accounting or principles of microeconomics or any of this other crap. I didn't need any of that.


I discovered, personally, a love of teaching and providing quality information that makes a difference. I personally think most people have an instinct to teach or share things.But the school system takes this instinct and makes it intolerable.


I think that everybody has an instinct, if you look at parenting it is very natural to watch.If you have a little brother or sister or a cousin or niece or nephew and you want to show them something, teach them something.


It's very natural when you teach things that way. But the school system takes that teaching instinct and just kills it, it crushes it. Think about all the people making money teaching things. You got fashion YouTuber's and bloggers, making tutorials on make-ups and clothing.


Her information equals cash, it's her business. Through sponsorship or affiliated agreements or whatever she's got going on. She's making cash from her knowledge and expertise.


Many businesses, moving on to another thing, many business don't even invent a product theyjust sell ones that are already made. Like a franchise, like McDonald's one of the biggest franchises in the history of the world. They kind of feed people quote, "food", unquote. But to open up a McDonald's you don't have to innovate anything, you just take an existing model that works and set one up yourself. That's kind of like affiliate marketing.

How to Start Your Own Online Business, Business Idea for making Money online

Affiliate Marketing

Now, affiliate marketing is with a website,a blog, a YouTube channel, Instagram. You can make money simply referring people to an existing product. Now, sales and commissions. Classic sales is you close a prospect, i.e. you get someone to buy something.


You go to a car dealership and the car sales men sell you the car, he's getting a percentage of the sale. Realtors, they sell a house they get a percentage of the sale. I recommends my course on digital marketing via his YouTube channel. He makes a good amount of money every month and all he does is say, "Hey, check this link out, we do interviews together.".But all he does is send people to his affiliate link on his YouTube channel and that's what tracksall of the traffic and pays him out his commission.


It's really one of the simplest waysto make money that exists. In the old days, to even open a businessyou needed a building or a storefront, $1,000's in rent, a cash register,employees, inventories to sell $1,000's just to open up for business, maybe a license,


it was just really complicated and a pain in the ass. Nowadays, website equals your digital storefront. Bloomingdale's has actual stores that cost millions of dollars and they have a websitethat costs a lot less and here is the crazy thing guys.


Whether it's a big business like Bloomingdale's or Best Buy or a micro business like my digital marketing course.


People do make money from Drop shippingand selling physical goods that someone else delivers to the customer, you can buy shit from China and then mark it up in price and ship it out. You can do that. Personally, I don't do that, I don't like it.It's just not something that appeals to me.


Amazon course

If you want a recommendation or a fulfilled by Amazon course of something and you message meI'll send you one but that's not what I like. What I like are these two things.


       Number 1, information products.

       Number 2, affiliate marketing.


It's not easy, none of this is easy. Like I'm just gonna click a button and $400 a day but it's easier. This is, some think, a way to start a business that is so much easier than all the traditional crap their teaching in business school where you're gonna be.


Whether they're trying to get you raise money for a tech startup or do something whereyou're starting a small business. A brick and mortar business, a real in reality.


Where you're having to raise money, get employees, get a storefront and all of this other stuff. You can do this stuff from your computer. Using your information, using your brain.

I hope these ideas could be very helpful to you and if you thing this information is valuable the please like us and share this article in your friend circle so that they can get benefit from this post. Thank you.

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