How to increase laptop speed

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How to increase laptop speed

How to increase laptop speed: New Laptop has become better than the older laptop. Hi

guys today I will tell you How to increase laptop speed easily with some simple but

effective tricks. So read the full article and increase the performance of laptop.

1. Leave C drive empty

If you take a branded laptop then it only drives in Laptop. Due to safety reason people makes

partition in hard drive.

Keep Operating system only in C drive and other useful Data in E and F Drive. This will help

you to increase the speed of your laptop.


2. Delete temporary files

During the use of laptop the temporary files stored in backside. Some of them finished when

you close the document, but some stores in laptop and after sometime due to heavy load,

laptops become slow and decrease the performance of laptop.

Delete these unwanted files from the laptop by use of these tools. Go to start button, type

Run and again type %temp%.

Start button- Run- %temp%.


3. Clean the Disk

Apart from the C drive make sure to keep clean the E and F Drive. For this go to

Start button- type Run or use keyboard and press the control+ R button and

type cleanmgr.exe and press enter and this will clean the Disk.


4. Close the Start-up Apps

There are many apps installed in which opens when you open your laptop. Theses apps are

Start-up Apps who will slow down your laptop speed. So if you have unnecessary Startup Apps

in your laptop, then uninstall them. This will help you to increase the laptop speed.


5. Keep Updated OS and Apps

Time to time there are notification comes for updating of windows operating system and Apps

update. So keep trying to update you operating system. This will also help you to increase the

speed of your laptop and increase the security of your laptop.


6. Do use pirated software

There are lots of pirated software available on the internet and most of them infected with virus

and also attached with more files. When you download this type of software with this you also

download some unexpected file or software. Theses software can harm and damage your laptop

and decrease the performance of the laptop. So I will suggest you don't use this type of



7. Use CC cleaner

CC cleaner is the most powerful software and most important this is free software that will

boost your Laptop speed and increase the performance of the laptop.


8. Clean Cookies

When you Browse on internet then there are lots of Data stored free in the background apart

from this Cookies and History also saved. In the starting you feel no problem from speed but

after sometime your browser become slow. In that case you have to clean your browser Data

and cookies from your browser History. This will help you to increase the speed of Laptop.


9. Antivirus

Today's we all use internet and you know that when we use internet and there is lots of

possibilities of virus on internet that infect our laptop and PC. So use antivirus software for

protection of Laptop and if the antivirus is paid then this will be perfect.


10. Ram

Ram is the most important part of the laptop and increasing the speed of Laptop.

When you run any software in your laptop, there is use of Ram. So make sure in your laptop the

Ram is more than 8 GB for getting more speed.


11. SSD Drive

Normal hard Drive is slow, if you do heavy work on laptop then, Use SSD hard Drive to store

the Data. This is most fast and secure.


12. Microsoft Fixit

Use Microsoft Fixit, this software is launched by Microsoft and this will help you to increase

your laptop speed and performance.

You can download this software free from the website.

Click Here


So friends I hope this information will sure help you and if you think this will help you then

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