Jio Gigafiber Registration Open, Know How to Register

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Jio Gigafiber Registration Open, Know How to Register


Jio Gigafiber Registration Open: Registrations for Reliance Geo's High Speed ​​Internet Service Jio

GigaFiBeer have begun today. For this, the company has created a dedicated micro website and you can

register through it. This registration is not for the connection, but to tell the company that you are showing

interest to take the connection. The company will provide the services at those places where more

registration will be done.


Registration for Jio GebaFiber

To register, first you have to go to the company's Official GigaFiiber website.


On this page you will have an option to enter an address. Click here Change button. Here you have to submit

your address and submit it.


On submitting you will have to give your name and phone number, OTP will be sent to the phone, which can be

used while registering.


You will get a confirmation notification that means you have shown interest in Geo Gigaphiber. However on

this page you can insert more than one address.


Significantly, the company has shown the registration page for Geo Gigaphiber currently. No plans have been

written about any kind of plan, tariff and offer.



What will be the plan?

The company has not yet told about any plans or packs. According to the reports, the JioGigaFiber Plan can

start from Rs 500. It is expected that like Geo Sim's plan it can be free for the first few months.


For this, the test users will be given Rs. 4500 as security. This money is for the router, which is put in their

house. However, when the service is not to be used it can return the security money back.


Jio Gigafiber Registration Open, Know How to Register

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What is Jio gigaphiber?


JioGigaFiber is based on Fiber to the Home ie FTTH. FTTH means that if you need an internet service then a

cable will be given to your home. Now the cable you get from the internet is not worth the speed internet.


There were several announcements during the 41st Annual General Meeting of Reliance, of which there

are also special JioFiber. It is a fixed line broadband connection, which will get speed up to 100mbps and this

will make services like 4K videos, smart home and online gaming easier and there will be no interruption. It

has been claimed that maximum speed up to 1Gbps can be obtained through Jio GigaFiiber.


Users will be given Multi Party Video Conferencing and Voice Activated Virtual Assistant Service under Jio

GigaFiiber. Apart from this, the company has said that users can also view 360-degree content in virtual

reality headset through this network.


The company has been doing FTTH testing for two years. The feature of this service will be that GigaTV will

also be able to use it. Apart from this, smart home devices will also be able to connect. During the launch, the

company has said that it will be able to convert every socket in the house to smart socket.

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