Kanchana 3 getting sensation on YouTube

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Kanchana 3 getting sensation on YouTube


Kanchana 3 is a Tamil Horror comedy movie , which is directed by Raghava Rawrence. This is

the third part of in it's series. After launching the trailer Kanchana 3 getting sensation

on YouTube.

Star Cast:

The Leading stars are in this movie Raghava Lawrence, Tapsi Pannu, Nithya Menon,

Kovai Sarala, Vedhika, Oviya, Srinivasa Reddy, Vennella Kishore and Kanakala


Kanchana 3 (2018) :

Tapasi Pannu starrer movie Kanchana 3 getting sensation on YouTube. After the

release, it came in rapidly no. 1 trend. Released on the YouTube channel of Goldmines Telefilm,

the film has gained popularity just like the previous two films.


It has received 7 million i.e. more than seventy lakh views in just 48 hours. Actress

Tapsi Pannu in the film is in the role of a ghostly. The Story Fresh of the horror comedy

movie 'Kanchana 3' is being told. Also, its casting is also different.

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Kanchana 3 Story of the movie

The story of the film is of an NRI, who wants to sell his old house. There is already a ghostly

family in it. That family is a family of NRI, which he has already killed in a secret way. To sell

this house in a bigger amount, he speaks for some people to stay there, so that they can prove to

be a ghostly house. In the meantime, many such incidents occur, which entertain the audience.


Apart from Tapsi Pannu in the film, Srinivasa Reddy, Vennella Kishore and Kanakala are

also. 'Kanchana 3' is director Mahi V. Raghav. The real name of this film is 'Anadha Brahm'. On

YouTube, it can stay in the top 10 even further.


Malayalam actor Vedhika will be taking part in one in all the girl leads in actor turned film

maker Raghava Lawrence’s film, Kanchana 3.


As per the reports, the most recent a part of horror-comedy series also will see big Boss fame,

Oviya and initiate Nikita as different heroines along side Vedhika. However, Vedhika was

the heroine in Muni, the primary half within the series that was discharged in 2007.


Akshay has seen South Indian film Kanchan 2. He liked it very much. According to a report

from Pinkiwala, now Akshay wants to make a remake of this film. These films directed by

Raghava Lawrence are in Tamil Raghava Lawrence was the only lead roll in this. If Akshay

does this film he will be seen in this role. In this film, Tapsi Pannu and Nithya Menon

appeared in Lead Roll. This movie was released in April 2015.

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