How to Keep Healthy Digestive System of Diabetes Patient

Keep Healthy Digestive System of Diabetes Patient

Keep Healthy Digestive System of Diabetes Patient
Keep Healthy Digestive System of Diabetes Patient

Healthy tips: From the last one decade, there are huge no. of increase of the patient of Diabetes in the world. The most diabetes patient are live in India. So today we are here going to tell you How to Keep Healthy Digestive System of Diabetes Patient and cause and treatment for diabetic patient in constipation.


The Diabetes patient adversely affects the functioning and functioning of various organs in the body like silent killers. There are children, youth, adults and people of all ages in the grip of the Diabetes. The side effects of Dietetics fall on many parts of the body.


Like when its side effects falls on the retina of the eyes, then it is diabetic Retinopathy in medical language. Similarly, when it comes to kidney disease, it is called diabetic nephropathy. Not only this, the merge of the Dietetics also adversely affects the digestive system of the body.


Diabetes Cause in Constipation

Keep Healthy Digestive System of Diabetes Patient

The Diabetes increases the blood glucose level. Due to this the process of digestion of food and its absorption in the body is affected and the digestion of glucose is blocked. Due to abnormal digestion, the person feels uncomfortable.


According to Ayurveda, gastric liability is responsible for the smooth functioning of the general digestive system. According to the outbreak of vata and pitta, symptoms of this merge appear.

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Diabetes Impact of psychological causes on digestion

The unstable mind affects the glucose level due to the social pressure, the stress caused by competition, anxiety and depression, which is mainly influenced by the digestive system. As a result, these symptoms may appear in diabetic patient for constipation…

  • Swallowing trouble
  • Vomiting,
  • grief,
  • feeling constipated,
  • acidity or heart burn problem,
  • acid reflex


Treatment of Constipation in Diabetic Patient

  • Consult with Doctor for Controlling sugar
  • Give priority to low sugar and low hydrate diet.
  • Eat small intervals.
  • Be sure to walk after the meal.
  • Avoid rice and flour and bread
  • Give priority to thick grains, sprouted salads, green vegetables and pulses.
  • Drink more water and beverages.
  • Pranayama and Yogasana.
Keep Healthy Digestive System of Diabetes Patient
Keep Healthy Digestive System of Diabetes Patient

According to Ayurveda, the main reason for constipation is excess of Vata and lack of water. Acidity, acne and heart burn cause gall bladder.


Some Major Drugs for Diabetic patient in Constipation


  • Haritki powders are helpful in removing constipation.
  • Hingavashtak is beneficial in removing gas, fracture and acidity.
  • Celery powders are also beneficial.


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I hope this information will help you more. If there is anyone in your house hold patient are facing constipation problem due to Diabetes then consult your Doctor and follow the instruction to avoid and control the sugar level. For more information about Health and fitness please follow us, Thank you.

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