Kodaikanal: The Switzerland of India, Travel to Kodaikanal

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Kodaikanal: The Switzerland of India


Kodaikanal: The Switzerland of India, Travel to Kodaikanal

kodaikanal is one of the most beautiful place in south India. If you are planning to travel or visit to Kodaikanal, then today I am going to tell you about the most beautiful place Kodaikanal in South IndiaKodaikanal is also called The Switzerland of India




Minakshi Temple


Kodaikanal: The Switzerland of India, Travel to Kodaikanal

Another center of faith in Tamil Nadu is Madurai, the second and the natural shadow of nature, Kodaikanal. The surrounding beaches are also very attractive and there is something else about Meenakshi Temple. This temple has many shops in nine lanes and in every street.



In which the sculptures of the idol are found in the artefacts of worship and sweets. This temple has every gorgeous Gopuram. . There are lots of beautiful and incredible image or statue on the wall of temple. Looking at the top, it shows that this temple is between the city, where there are four ways to reach in four directions.



Meenakshi Devi i.e. the fish-like eyes  Parvati goddess is the main statue and God Shiva is looking great as God Natraj. The specialty of this idol is that here Lord Shiva does not dance on the left foot but on the right foot.


Kodaikanal: The Switzerland of India

Kodaikanal: The Switzerland of India, Travel to Kodaikanal


Kodaikanal is the famous hill station of Tamil Nadu, called Switzerland of South India. Here the cold also happen where you can enjoy in  one Swetter, While the cold become slightly more in the night.



When the lights are lit in the houses of the hillside houses, it seems like the stars have landed on the ground.



Boating clubs and Botanical Gardens are also a scenic spot, natural lake, pillar rocks, Perumal peak and herbal peak are also visible in the mountains. Herbal hilly is known for its herbaceous tree, from which different palettes are attracted to the mind.


Some species of such flowers are also seen, which is here only in the cold.

Silver Valley

Kodaikanal: The Switzerland of India, Travel to Kodaikanal


Here the Silver Valley is a point in which there is so much depth between the hardened curtain that when the cloud gets cloudy do not get out early so long, there is a shadow in the entire valley.



It is normal to get rid of the clouds on the mountains and to leave the roar, so the tourists also keep an umbrella with them. Hot spots and peanut granules are all sold near all the sights.



However, there is a tremendous amount of chocolate made here because the cocoa cultivation is great here. It is built in small houses like houses.



Along with South Indian dishes, these places have started to get food from North India too. All these means are available in these places.



How to Reach



You can visit here from Chennai to Madurai and from Madurai to Kodaikanal.

Many trains from Chennai go to Madurai.



Travelling not only entertains, it also teaches living in collective life. Going out of different individual families and travelling collectively, you will be able to enjoy a lot.


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