The Looming Tower Story Review: 9/11 attacks

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The Looming Tower Story Review: 9/11 attacks

The Looming Tower Story Review: 9/11 attacks

The Looming Tower (2018): After coming to platform like Netflix and Amazon Prime, the craze for viewing the web series has increased. Today we are reviewing a web series on the story behind the terrorist attacks on the American World Trade Tower, which Hulu has built and the Name of this web series is The Looming Tower.


Some incidents have changed the world. One of the biggest incidents in this is - the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York in 2001. Many books, articles, documentaries and films have been created by putting the story of this attack on the US at the center. Every time an attempt has been made to explore the reasons behind the attack through imagery and facts.


Now after many years of this incident, a web series has been searched for reasons and mistakes behind the world's most horrific horrific terrorist attack. The web series that is being talked about is titled "The Looming Tower". This series has made several titles in recent Emmy Awards.


 The Looming Tower Story Review: 9/11 attacks

What is the story of Looming Tower?


The American network company Hulu made these series about the 9/11 attacks. The series has been influenced by the famous author Lawrence Wright's book The Looming Tower. This series of 10 episodes has been told that the real story of 9/11 actually starts from where.


The whole story has been woven between the ongoing politics between the American intelligence agency CIA and the security agency FBI. Nearly 8-10 years before the assault, the FBI anti terrorism unit fears some big plans of terrorists, but the CIA does not give them any information just because he feels that he will be beaten by receiving the information.


The FBI team constantly works on these things in South Asia. In the meanwhile, there are attacks on the American High Commission in Afghanistan, Libya and African countries.


The investigation goes forward and the strings connect directly to "al-Qaeda". Al-Qaeda constantly threatens to replace America, meanwhile, two Saudi nationals are sent to the US. Al-Qaeda allows its terrorists to enter the United States two to three years ago. With full planning


On the other hand, the CIA and FBI fail to realize the plans of terrorists even after knowing everything. And when losing everything, leaving the major job of the FBI becomes the security head of the World Trade Center.  Al-Qaeda attacks there the next day. The rest of the things are now a painful history.

 The Looming Tower Story Review: 9/11 attacks

Why is this series special?


So far, 9/11 has seen many types of films. What has happened in most of the movies on 9/11 and how the US eliminated bin Laden, it is only shown.


Perhaps for the first time in this series. It has been attempted to show how big a country like America did not want to be in agreement with the CIA and the FBI, and compromised with its security. How the terrorists were preparing for this attack and how America was making mistakes on the mistakes, it is interesting to see it in the series.


These series also stresses to this establishment that if the CIA and the FBI were not stranded in the conflict, then there might not have been a terrorist attack in the US's internal security.


This series is in English. In view of this many dialogues are received in Lebanese, Persian and Urdu. The problem of language does not look too heavy due to English subtitles. However, people who have seen many stories on 9/11 can bore the story.


The whole series revolves around 2-3 important characters. The most prominent are John O'Neill, who is head of the FBI Anti-Terrorism Unit. John has played Jeff Daniels, before you have seen him in a TV series like The Newsroom.


Apart from him, another important character is his assistant Ali Soufan. This character has played by Tahar Rahim. His acting is spectacular and he has played an American-Muslim character in a lively manner. Apart from these you will also like Wrenn Schmidt, Bill Camp, Louis Cancelmi.


Where can you see?

Well this Originally created series Hulu. Apart from Hulu, this can be seen on Amazon Prime Video in India.

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