Make Money From Photography

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How to Make Money From Photography

How to Make Money From Photography

Nowadays everyone has smartphones and phones are now launching with a great camera. Some new smartphones have come in the market, with the help of which you can do good photography and earn money from those photos. You will get at least 20 rupees for a photo. So let's know where you can earn money by selling your photo?

If you want to earn money online from the photo, then create your account on that and upload the photo. This website gives you 60% of your earnings from your photos.


Alamy -

Alamy is a good site to share your photo and also helps you to express your photography talent to the world. This website gives you a share of 50 percent for each photo, though you will only get this money when someone downloads your photo.


How to Make Money From Photography

Animals Animals -

If you are interested in animal photography then here you can get 50% of your photo's earnings. Animals Animals website is for those who are interested in wild life photography.


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CrowdFoto -

This website will give you an assignment, according to which you will have to upload the photo by taking photographs. If someone buys the photo you upload, then you will get up to € 20 i.e. 1,600 via PayPal. However this website is not currently capturing photos. Its service will start soon


StockFood –

If you are like to photo shoot of Food then this is for you. This website welcomes you if you do the photography of food. You can upload food photos and videos on this website.


How to Make Money From Photography

Sutter Stock

Sutterstock is another great site for making money online from your taken photograph. For making money online from photography you have to register here, this is free, and upload your photograph on this site after that sutterstock admin will check them. If your uploaded photos get approved then you can earn money from them for every downloaded photos. While uploading your photographs, this is important to be sure that the photos you are going to upload must be not less than 5 Mega Pixel and well snapped.

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