Make money online from five simple steps

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Make money online from these five simple steps

Make money online from five simple steps: Hi Guys today, I'm going to teach you how you can start

your own online business and Make money online from five simple steps. I'm going to show you

how easy it is for you to start your own online business and make a lot of money.


One of the things I hear from people all the time is people telling me that it is very hard to learn how to

make an online business, because they have no experience from the past, they have never created anything

online, they don't know how to create websites.


And today I'm going to teach you all those specific steps, so you will realize, how simple it is, and how you can

learn these steps. In fact not just you, anybody  can learn these steps and master these steps. It's a learned skill.

And systematically apply them to make a lot of money.



Make money online from five simple steps

Create your own Product

You need to first find or create a product. So, either you go and look for somebody else's product that you

want to promote, or you create your own product, when you want to provide services for someone.


So, first you decide what product or service you want to promote, and if you want to create your own product,

or if you want to promote somebody else's product, then you publish that content, people need to find that

content somewhere, so you create the website where people can read more about your content and read more

about your product and buy it from there, and then of course you have to promote it.


So you have a product, and you have published it, but people don't know about it, so we need to promote it so

people can find out what you're offering, and then once people decide to buy your product, we try to make our

sales machine as profitable as we can, because we don't want to just leave it where it is.


We want to maximize our profit. And then once we start making profit, then we scale it as much as we

want, we just take it to a whole new level so we can make a lot of money. So it's very simple. You find or create

a product or a service, then you publish it, then you tell the world that you have something there, and then you

increase your profits, and once your business is profitable, you scale it and you take it to the next level.


So, the very first step in this is, you want to create your own product, right, you need to create a product, and I

will tell you, creating a product is something that might be intimidating to you right now. You might think it is

so hard, I don't know how to create a product, and I'm hoping this section will teach you how easy it is to create

a product.

Make money online from five simple steps

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The first thing I will tell you is, when it comes to creating a product or a service, you should always try to create

a product about something that you're passionate about, or something that you have experience in. The reason

I say passionate about, is I see a lot of people that want to do something that others are doing, but they have no

interest in it.


If you are passionate about it, you will continue to stick with it, you will be invested in it, you will be motivated

to do more, and that is really the recipe for success.


And then if you have experience in something, it's always good to do something that you already know

something about, but if you don't know, that is not a problem, cause as we got through the course I will teach

you how to create a product, even if you know nothing about it, and how you can still make a great product,

and make a great living out of it.


So, the very first thing is, you need to think, what industry that you're interested in, or you have an expertise in,

right. So the very first thing is, what would you like to do if you could do something for the rest of your life, if

there is something that you will spend, seven, eight hours a day talking about, working it out.


What would that one thing be? And as long as it falls in one of the four industries, which is health, wealth,

relationships, and hobbies, you are good. Health, wealth, relationships and hobbies, are the most

popular industries. There are billions of dollars of sales happening around these four industries. So, if you're in

one of these industries, you are guaranteed to make a lot of money.


A lot of people, almost everyone, is concerned about their health, everybody wants to be in the best shape

possible, on top of that, there are people who have some kind of physical ailments, could be heart problem,

could be cancer, and then they want to look for an alternate lifestyle, they are looking for guidance and what to

eat, how to stay healthy, how to avoid stress. Wealth, everybody wants to make money, everybody wants to

plan their retirement and buy the next home, or improve their credit.


So wealth is another area a lot of people are interested in, it's a big market. And on relationships, there is

nobody on this planet who is not interested in a relationship.


People want to find out how they can date someone better, how they can maintain their relationship, make

their relationship better, how to plan their weddings. So there's a lot of things they want to learn about

relationships, and same thing goes to hobby. A lot of people love to spend a lot of money on hobbies.


Gaming would be an example. A lot of people want to get the cheat sheet for the video game. They want to

learn how to play the next level on the video game. Then there are people who want to learn about sports. They

want to learn, there are techniques that can help them better at sports.


People want to invest in gardening. So, photography is another big industry. People who want to learn modeling. So, there is a lot of things, interest in the hobbies .


So, as long as it's in one of these four industries, you will be good. What I would recommend is, you should

really go after something like I said before, that you are really passionate about, and if there is something that

you have personally experienced, there is something that you have a great story, that you can use, those

industries will always work best for you.



So, people are looking, not just for a product, but people are looking for ideas. People are looking for

similarities, ideologies, and messages. Those  messages. People don't wanna just learn how to make money.

They want to learn how to make money like you make money.


They want to learn how to get better at relationships like you did. So that's why if there's some area where

you've already had some experience, some stories, you will be much more successful around that.


So the very first thing is, you need to think, what industry you're interested in, or you have expertise in, or

experiences in, and then try to choose some topic around that.


Affiliate Marketing

The next thing is, you wanna ask yourself, do you want to create your own product, or do you want to

promote other people's products? So, one of the things again, I hear from a lot of people, they tell me, oh,

I have no idea what to create, how to create, what should a good product look like, so they don't want to

create a product.


Well, I'm hoping by the end of this section, you will realize how easy it is to create the product, that anybody

can do it, and so that should motivate you, that if you have your own ideas, if you have your own stories, that

you will have no problem creating your own product.


I highly recommend that if you have some great stories, great experience, some personal experiences

that you can share, then I would highly recommend that you packet the min a product, because that's the

people that create a great connection with you, and that will make them want to stay with you for a long time,

and will make them want to follow you and buy more from you.


If you're not interested in creating the product, it's no big deal, because a lot of people, who are making

millions of dollars promoting other people's products. So you can still do that. You can just promote

other people's product, and make a lot of money. And if you want to create your own products, like I said it's

very simple.


So what you can do is, there are many kind of products you can create. The first one is, you can create an

ebook,or an audio book, or a physical book. Ebook basically is, you write a book on a word document, and then

you convert that into a PDF. And that's an ebook. Or, you can record yourself.


Or, you can write a book, and then you can go to Amazon, and use the Create Space, and publish that physical

book. So, once you have that content, you can either type it in Word document and turn that into a PDF and

that will be an ebook. Next thing is, you can create a video.

 Make money online from five simple steps

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Create a Website

So if you, let's just say, you wanted to teach someone how to create a website, how to install a WordPress,or

you wanted to show how to edit something on Photoshop, or you want to show, you want to create a tutorial of

you do photography, how you create the studio, how you set up lighting inside the studio, so you can create

some tutorial step-by-step.


You can also capture screenshots and show somebody how a Word document works, or how an Excel works,

and you can record the screen while you're going through all the steps, and create a tutorial.Or you can just sit

and interview someone.


Or you can just talk to the camera, and create a video. So your second course, second part, could be a video


Create Home Study course


And then the third is, a home study course. A home study course is basically combination of video and text,

plus some workbooks. So a home study course is usually a more complete course. So, when you create an

ebook or a video course, that could be just one part of a problem.


But home study course usually goes from point A to point Z, so, let's just take this industry about, starting an

online business.


So I can have five different products. I can have a product on, finding a niche that you're interested to work in,

then how to create your first product, how to create your website, and how to start selling, how to promote,

how to increase your profit.



So I can take all these topics and create a separate product for each of them. Or I can create a study course

where it starts from researching the industry you are interested in, then creating your product, creating on

your website, and it's all in one course, and that would be a home study course. And then, like I said before,

you get interview experts.


You can do a phone interview and record the audio, or you can do a Skype interview, or you can do an

interview in person, you know you can find the experts in industry. This is especially good if you're new in

industry, and you don't have any content.



This usually is something you are already an expert at. It's something you've already done in the past, or maybe

that's your current job. And now instead of working for your boss, you decide that you're gonna offer this on

your own, and make money off that. And then you can also coach people.



You could run a personal photography workshop, where people can come and learn photography from you, you

can learn how to seminar on anything. It's very similar to creating the service for someone else, but done-for-

you service again, is where somebody gives you a project, and then you do the whole project for them, because

you're an expert at that and you can just do it for them. And then you can create some kind of information hub.


This kind of business is usually good to promote affiliate products, or to get advertising from clicks. So,

information would be like Wikipedia, where people go and search for answers, or like Quora. This is where you

put a lot of content around a topic. You can make a general, and have any and as many topics as you want

there, or one particular topic and then people come and read that.


If you have any questions, please feel free to write in comment box, I will answer your question, please do

share it with other people, so other people can also benefit from that, and of course, I also get benefit from the

exposure. Thank you.

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