How to Make Money Online From Youtube

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How to Make Money Online From Youtube

Now Days every person want to make lots of money  for that they try different kind of option to make money online, but most of them Just making you fool or Telling slightly about internet earning tricks.

So I'm here today will tell you to, how you can make money from youtube free without any investment and with a genuine way.

So friend read the whole article care fully and don't pass it away otherwise you may miss  some informational fact that you must now.

So Lets starts

Making Money never be easy on the internet while you don't know how to make money online?

So Today I will tell you How to Make Money Online from youtube, or How you can make money online from youtube?

Factor's Important for Making Money on youtube

1 . Create Youtube channel

If you have created a account with youtube that's ok if not then first Create a acount with youtube with your gmail account.

a. After creating Youtube account you have to create youtube chanel, most important while you are going to create youtube channel it is verey important to know the area of your interest, means in what area or sector you are expert?

Make channel according that for example you are a expert in cooking then make your channel like Cooking recipe or My Recipe.

b. Now you have created your channel and its time to create a Fresh video or New video for your channel. You can create video by using your smart phone or you can use video camera if you have. the Video must be related to your channel topic.

c. Now all set up, you created youtube channel and youtube video of your interest, Now what?

2. Upload Viedeos

Now It's time to upload your video in your youtube channel.

For uploading Video go to the right side upper corner and check the arrow sign Button and click them. this is the icon for uploading video, here you can upload your video from your computer or mobile phones. Upload the video.

After uploading video click on publish Button, now your video is published and now go to video manager option in the left sidebar and click them and open it, here you can edit your videos, for editing click on edit Button in the video section, there are lots of option to according to that you can edit your videos.

3. Monetisation

Now Here is the most important part How you can make money online now, so for this you have to monetise your video.

For monetisation you need a google adsense account for monetising your video, so for this you have to create a google adsense account with our youtube account. When google adsense approved your adsense account with youtube then you can monetise your video.

For monetising your video you have to click on channel option in left sidebar and select Monetisation option and enable it.

Now you can make money online by youtube when ever some one else see your videos and a adsense ads will show on your videos you will get  paid money for that.


So I think now all your query has been clear now How to make money online from youtube, and this is the best way to make money online from youtube. If you like this article is helpful for you comment us and if you have any other question about how to make money online ask us we will try our best to resolve you issue. Thank you.




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