Most Famous Beaches in Goa

5 Most Famous Beaches in Goa

Most Famous Beaches in Goa

Hey Everyone are you planing spend your winter holiday vacation in Goa then, These places of Goa are good with foreigners, once roam and then will not go anywhere else. So today I gonna show you the most famous beaches in Goa where you can enjoy a lot more.


Panaji  Goa is the smallest state in India, but now it is quite fame around the world for beauty and middle. Throughout the world, Goa is quite popular among tourists for its beautiful beaches and famous architecture. But do you know that Goa was a colony of Portugal first? Yes, the Portuguese ruled Goa for about 450 years and in December 1961 it has been assigned to the Indian administration.


Nature is quite affectionate on Goa. So here you can take advantage of Natural Beauty. Anyway, the main business of the local people of Goa is tourism. You are not less than a foreign city coming to Goa. Well do you know that there are about 40 coastal coastline in Goa. Some of these beaches are of international standards. That is why Goa has a distinct identity on the table of the World Tourism Map.


Goa is the hottest tourist destination in the summer months. When this crowd is over, then it starts here, a series of tourists who want to enjoy the monsoon here. Goa's pleasing beach is quite fame. Here the crowd of tourists in Manasoon is seen very much. If you come here after the weather, then go to see other beautiful sea shores like vagator Beach, Anjuna Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Palomayam Beach with you.
Besides Goa, you can also visit the temples here. Goa has many other temples like Shri Kamakshi, Saptakeshwar, Sri Shantadurga, Mahalsa Narayani, Parnam's Bhagwati Temple and Mahalaxmi, where you can roam well. Also, you can enjoy river cruise in the evening in Panaji city on the banks of the Mandvi river.
Are you planning for holidays with family and friends? If you are still confused about the best place to spend this holiday, then this is the most incredible place to travel to Goa. You can go to these best beaches of Goa:


List of Goa's top best beaches or Most famous beaches in Goa


1. Baga Beach

Most Famous Beaches in Goa

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When it comes to Goa's most beautiful coastline, Baga Beach always remains in the top list. This is the most disciplined and beautiful place to visit. The coconut tree, the waves of beaches, you have no better place than this to enjoy on the beach.


2. Anjuna Beach

Most Famous Beaches in Goa

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This beach is situated in the south of Goa. Crystal clear water, white sand are incredibly wonderful and beautiful. This lovely place and a wonderful beach of Goa.

3. Dona Paula Beach

Most Famous Beaches in Goa

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This beach is located 4 km from Panjim city, which is famous for water gaming. Here you can enjoy on the motor boat and find your incredible ride on the next level.


4. Palolem Beach
Most Famous Beaches in Goa

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It is a low crowded beach and you can enjoy your family and friends here. Once you go to this beach, you will find this incredible and whenever you come to Goa, you will be addicted to this place.

5. Vagator Beach
Most Famous Beaches in Goa

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If you are going to Goa, then this is an incredible and beautiful place to go for the holidays. Apart from this, this beach is surrounded by beautiful greenery, you can enjoy deep diving in the waters of the Arabian Sea and enjoy the interior of the ocean.

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