Most Important things you should know while Buying Smartphone

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Most Important things you should know while Buying Smartphone

Most Important things you should know while Buying Smartphone: The Indian Mobile Market

is considered to be very big, so for the day the mobile companies are launching their new smartphones in

the Indian market. In such a situation, we have a lot of difficulty in choosing the phones of customers. Many

people buy mobile phones by watching the phone's ad on the TV. But doing this is absolutely wrong. It is not

necessary that the smartphone which is being shown in the TV is correct.


That's why I will tell you today Most Important things you should know while Buying Smartphone.

1) Display Quality and Protection: -

The big screen likes everyone because you see all the things bigger in it. Enjoy watching movies and playing a

bigger screen is a different kind of fun. But before taking the big screen mobile you should keep in mind that

you are not getting protection. Today many mobile companies like Oppo, Honor give big screens in their

budget phones, but do not give any protections. If the phone falls off, the phone's display is broken. With this,

the second thing to keep in mind is that what is the quality of the display? Always carry the phones with HD

plus display, so that the movies and photos also emerge cleaner.


2) Ram And Rom :-

Keeping in mind today's generation, always take 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Because storage is low,

soon the mobile storage is full and your phone starts to hang. The speed and performance of a phone depends

largely on the RAM. Speaking in the language of parallel, the less your phone's RAM will be, the more slowly

and intermittently your phone will run. That's why a smartphone with 3GB or more RAM should always be



3) Processor:-

Most Important things you should know while Buying Smartphone, Moto P30, Moto P30 Note, Moto P30 Play Launch Review

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Often you go to a mobile shop to buy mobile, so he quickly tells you about the outer beauty of the phone, so

that there is a megapixel camera and a bigger screen has been given. Many people come to their point of view.

But there are very few shops that tell you which processor has been given in the phone. A good processor

improves the phone's user experience. Your phone runs smoothly without smothering. That is why asking

about the processor while taking a smartphone.

4) Brand Value: -

While taking any smartphone, find out if the service center of that company is available in your area. Often

you take a smartphone inexpensively but its life is not much. That's why a good company should always take

the mobile.


5) Battery: -

One plus Passes Over Apple and Samsung to lead the Grow, Most Important things you should know while Buying Smartphone

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A smartphone becomes better when it has a large battery. That's why before buying a smartphone, you must

ask, how much power is you getting in that smartphone. If you are taking a smartphone above 15000, then

the phone that offers Fast charger supports only the phone. So your phone will be charged in a short time.


So friends these are the some basic and Most Important things you should know while Buying


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