New Feature of Google Maps

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New Feature of Google Maps

New Feature of Google: Hi guys we know that Google is a multi Billion dollar company and every time

they come across new feature in the world. So guys today we will let you know the New Feature of Google

Maps. let's know about it in detail.

New Feature of Google Maps

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The Google maps Go have some features and some features have been added. The new features of this Google

for India 2018 have been appreciated. India is very progressive country in the world said , Vice President of

Google Maps Gayatri Ranjan. It is also possible to get a copy of the Google maps plus the code that works for

a virtual address.


Get Information about Public Transport

Google Maps has been authorised by the users of the bus for its application and it has also been updated. This

is the first time that the bus is updating the platform to the platform red bus. The users  can check or Book

bus ticket and also know about location and distance  of the Bus by the use of Google maps. Google Maps Go

Service will available more than 20000, you can access all bus routes.


New Feature of Google Maps

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Google Maps Go features

1. Google Maps Go features is available in Hindi and English for public transportation for all users of Google

maps Go features. If you are going to stop the bus from going to the destination, then this will aso show you

the destination distance to the local city.


2. Google maps go users also can see how much distance they covered and how much distance they have to

cover. This service  will also available in  Google go maps.


3. The Google Maps Go to user interface has been updated to the Google Map as it has been upgraded to a

home screen that has been opened for public transport.


4. Google Maps can also use 3G and 2G networks. This app will work on the  Light smart phone too.


5. Google Maps Go has a Google Maps Go lite version for turn-by-turn-voice-nevigation that can be

translated into English and Hindi. This feature will come soon.


Google Go Audio Features

If you want to listen a webpage toapart from reading web page, then your search for it  is over. This Go

Features also added in this app of Google for India 2018 have been added to Google and other Google



In order to a google Go users have new news that google Go user can get google feed  come in hindi. You'll

also be able to share it with the Hindi language. You can go to Google's web site as soon as possible.


Audio Black

With the help of Audio Black features users can listen the web page on Google Go maps. Google's new feature

is the natural language, the process of speech processing and the speech of the AI. This features available in

Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali and Bengali. This will also work on even  2G network too.



I hope guys this feature will be very helpful for you and if you like this information is useful  then please like

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