Now Earn more on YouTube than ever

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Now Earn more on YouTube than ever

Now Earn more on YouTube than ever: Hi guys today I will share with some exciting news about on YouTube Earning. Yes today I will tell you the techniques that most of the YouTuber don't know. Now you can Earn more on youtube than ever. So Guys let's know what are he news from the YouTube admine and How you can earn more with youtube from your daily works.

Youtube Earnings

People always criticised that YouTube  user not making enough money for video making and posting advertisement in their video, but now giving people the chance to earn in a new way.

Paid Mebership

For this, YouTube has introduced a new feature of Paid Membership. Under this, YouTuber will be able to earn membership shops as well as the sales tax.

Neil Mohan, chief product officer of Youtube, said that most of the earnings in this service, which is owned by Google, are currently in advertisements.

Nil said, It will be on this, but we also want to think other than advertisements. There are many ways and opportunities to make money by the video makers. This feature can be used for those YouTuber who has more than  100,000  subscribers,  they can start paid subscriptions and can charge a monthly fee of $ 4.99 i.e. around 320 rupees.

They can also sale the products like video on shirts or phone cover on their Youtube channel.

Desktop Browser Support for Androids

Apart from this, it was reported recently that Google is going to issue desktop browser support for Android messages so that users can send, receive, and receive messages to their personal computer (PCs) on their Android device. .

According to media report that the search engine giants have planned to launch such features, in which the image, text, and stickers will get support on the web in the coming few days.

This is the first important step towards Google's push-to-chat chat, which is the implementation of the company's Rich Communication Service within Android Message.

According to the media report in the future the user can scan a Quick Response that's QR code to start the Android Message website. For this you have to use the Android Message Mobile app. This will create a link between the two.


So Guys this the good news for many youtubers from the YouTube Side. You can Earn more by using the Feature of Paid Membership and double you income.

And the next is Google trying to launch desktop browsing support feature for android this is another very good news. If this happen then you can use your laptop as like your android mobile phones.

I Hope this information will be helpful for you, So keep in touch and read our article on daily basis and we will come up again with new exciting post. Thank You

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