One plus Passes Over Apple and Samsung to Lead the Grow

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One plus Passes Over Apple and Samsung to Lead the Growing Premium segment in Indian Market


One plus Passes Over Apple and Samsung: One Plus smart phone passes

over Apple and Samsung in the Indian market and people interested about One Plus

premium smart phone.


As per counterpoint analysis latest analysis on the Indian smartphone market the Pone

Plus premium in Smartphone segment.


That Grow 19% annually and 10% successive  throughout Quadri analysis of 2018 as

additional shoppers upgrade to 2018 launched by completely different android OEMS in

India One plus service.

One plus Passes Over Apple and Samsung to lead the Growing Premium segment in Indian Market

For the primary time your for full quarter this was thanks to the strong sales of its flagship

One plus 6 that was launched throughout the quarter.


India remains a very important marketplace for oneplus conducive to nearly a 3rd of its

world revenue with each friends the one and user base has been growing in India and his

and this has currently started translating into a record sales for each new flagship.


it launches the whole is additionally capitalised or robust word of mouth and leverage social

media effectively to succeed in dead set its target user base.


The study steady focus on high and versatile Smartphone and unproductive new community

connect connect facilitate the one + gain user trust and whole Brand awareness through

word of mouth.


One plus become a robust ideal whole in premium phase with four-hundredth share with in

only fourteen quarters of coming into India as well that conjointly calculated in it into the

sought after cluster of the 5 biggest smartphone whole with cowl 4-dimensional percentage

revenue share for the first time ever.

-"Niel shah partner and research director of lot mobile and ecosystem

counterpoint research"

One plus Passes Over Apple and Samsung to lead the Grow

Third party image reference

Market outline

1. One plus led the premium smartphone phase for the primary time ever in india capturing

four-hundredth of the market driven by record sales in phase of its one plus half-dozen as

compared to that previous flagship.


2. One and was conjointly the quickest growing whole within the premium phase whereas

cargo for Apple and Samsung declined.


3. In terms of best mercantilism model, one and 6 was the simplest selling model in

premium segment followed by S9 and and One and 5T.


One plus Passes Over Apple and Samsung to lead the Grow

We know that One plus is another growing big Chines Company in the market which

product is One Plus Series Smart phone. This is one of the fastest smart phone in the market

and creating a good value in the customer mind. Due to this the company gain higher profit

from the market.


So guys I hope this information will be helpful for you and told me which brand mobile you

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