These Places are famous as Ghost Town in the World

Places are famous as Ghost Town in the Word


The fan of adventure always lives in search of a place and activity that is slightly amazing. If you are also one of them who love to travel adventure places and in the darkness of the night, in the empty of the road, there are obstructions in the empty buildings, and you are impressed by such places in foreign countries, which are Famous as Ghost Place.


St. Elmo, Colorado, America

Places are famous as Ghost Town in the World

A long time ago, this place was known as a very big mining town, and even there was the facility of railway lines from Central Colorado, but this place became completely deserted due to the closure of the railroad in 1922. Whether the shops and churches and the house are lying in every place. Only a few people living in the year can be seen here.


Bodie, California

Places are famous as Ghost Town in the World

There was gold mine in Bodie in 1879 and about 8500 people lived here. Which were especially known for gun fighting and fighting quarrels. After some time due to the closure of mining, the lives of the people of this place completely stalled and slowly the people left this place. There are about 150 buildings and many houses have been opened in such a way that no horror Looks like a movie location.

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Humberstone and Santa ClaraAtacama desert, Chile

Places are famous as Ghost Town in the World
Humberstone and Santa Lara, Atecama desert, Chile

Chile's Salt Peter Mine 1958 was closed, which used to be the means of employment for the people here. Since then the theatres and swimming pools, houses, hotels, shops have all been opened. If you have the power to see the place of adventure, then you can come here, but the buildings that are standing are very scared.

Belshite, Zargoza Province, Spain

Places are famous as Ghost Town in the World
Belshite, Zargoza Province, Spain

Since the Spanish Civil Works that took place between 1936-1939, this place is lying vacant. It took France into its possession in 1937. During the fight, most of the buildings and roads were ruined. After this the people living here left this place. This place is also included in quite a horror place. If you want to see such a place and know its history then go here and make your adventure trip memorable.

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