Top Places To Visit In Alwar, Sightseeing And Things To Do In Alwar Rajasthan

Top Places to visit Alwar


Due to being close to Delhi, Alwar city of Rajasthan is included in the National Capital Region. If you want to Travel in Alwar Rajasthan in this happy season, why not start from Alwar, which is called Singhdwara of Rajasthan. These days there is also the colourful festive season. So let's knw the Top places to visit Alwar Rajasthan in this festive season.


Once you enter here, you will be able to find the magnificence of the palaces, greenish mountain, lake, waterfall and buildings of Rajasthani thatabat.

Queen Musi umbrella on 80 pillars Alwar:

Top Places to visit Alwar
Musi Umbrella Places to visit Alwar

The attractive and artistic monuments of Alwar include the umbrella of the Queen Musi. This is located on the backside of city palace and bankside of Sagar lake. This umbrella, on the 80 pillars of marble, is unique in the style of Rajput architecture. If you are visiting in Alwar Rajasthan then you must see this beautiful place.


City of Rao Raja Pratap Singh Alwar:

Top Places To Visit In Alwar, Sightseeing And Things To Do In Alwar Rajasthan
Top Places To Visit In Alwar, Sightseeing And Things To Do In Alwar Rajasthan

During the defeat of the Mughal period, in 1770, Rao Raja Pratap Singh founded the Alwar State. After independence, on 18 March 1948, Alwar became a district of Rajasthan State with its merger in Rajasthan.

Bhapang instrumental instruments:

Bhapang instrumental instrument in Alwar is the identity of Rajasthani folk music. This Mewati music is the heritage of Sanskrit. The master of this instrument is the family of the Zahur Khan. The history of this family is quite interesting. Long time ago Mevatiji is the seller of Bidi and he attract people by this Bhapang instrument.


One day Actor Dilip Kumar is shooting there and he listened them and very impressed them. He took them in Mumbai after that he used this instrument in many Hindi movies like Ganga Jamuna, Naya Daur and Ankhen. The important thing is that Bhapang instrument user are Muslim and all are Shiv Bhakt. They stand this instrument is the origin of Damroo of God Shiv.


Two swords are seen in a sheet (Ek myan me do talware):

Top Places To Visit In Alwar, Sightseeing And Things To Do In Alwar Rajasthan

Do you see the smallest one inch of the Quran in your world, leave it? Two swords are seen in a sheet. This wonder you can see in the museum of Alwar Rajasthan. The city palace of Alwar is the heart this place. You can't stop yourself to appreciate the  beauty of this City Palace. Thisace is build by king Bakhtawar Singh in 1793.


Company Garden Shimla Alwar:


If you want to relax some time during the Alwar tour, then you can come to the company garden and relax and also you can enjoy the natural beauty of this place.

The company garden in the garden is known for its unsurpassed beauty, which is covered with various types of colorful flowers. Spring water make dumbbell shaped structure and feel like you are in Shimla.


Sariska tiger Reserve Alwar Rajasthan:

Top Places To Visit In Alwar, Sightseeing And Things To Do In Alwar Rajasthan
Sariska tiger reserve, Top Places To Visit In Alwar, Sightseeing And Things To Do In Alwar Rajasthan

Sariska tiger Reserve is about 35 kms away from Alwar. This is the center of attraction  for nature and wildlife lover tourists. You can see Tiger, Chital Dear, Blue Cow, elephant and many more animal and Bird in this reserve.

Timings:6:00 am - 3:00 pm
Indians: INR 60,
Location: Subhash Chowk Station road malakhera, Alwar, Rajasthan

Pandupole made from Bhima's Gada Alwar:

Top Places To Visit In Alwar, Sightseeing And Things To Do In Alwar Rajasthan
Pandupol alwar

About 60 kms far from Alwar  in Sariska Valley, Pondupole is very famous tourist spot for its natural beauty and History.

According to legend, the Pandavas had made their way by attacking the Kurus' army at the time of accession and then merging in the Bhim Bay mountain. Since then this place has become popular under the name of Pandupol. To get here, there is a 20-kilometer long road from the Sariska Tiger project.


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Boating in Siliserh lake Alwar:

Top Places to visit Alwar
Siliserh lake alwar, Top Places to visit Alwar

There is a beautiful location between the mountains, the Siliserh lake. It is about 15 kms from Alwar town. On an island here, Maharaja Vinay Singh built a 6-floor palace for his queen Shiladevi in 1844.

Today this beautiful Mahal is the popular motel of Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation. The overall beauty of this place attracts tourists due to dense forests and lakes surrounded by hills. There is paddle boat available for boating here.


Ghost Fort Rajgarh Alwar Rajasthan:

Top Places to visit Alwar
Bhangarh Fort, Top Places to visit Alwar

Bhangarh and Azhaggarh, located in Rajgarh tehsil of Alwar, keep historical and archaeological significance. It is said that Bhangarh was suddenly wiped out due to unknown reasons. After some time people started calling it a ghosta fort. Now people are afraid of going here. The ruins of the fort right are seen as flowing in the fort. Before sunrise and after sunset, no one is allowed to go and stop there.


Nimrana Fort Alwar Rajasthan:

Top Places to visit Alwar
Nimrana Fort, Top Places to visit Alwar

Nimrana Fort is about 73 km far from Alwar, now today this is a industrial hub. Nimrana Fort is built in the 16th century.

The Chauhan Rajputs had the right to stay here till 1947. Now it has been changed to Heritage Hotel. You can stay here now.


What to eat?

Alwar is very famous for it's sweet dishes Kalakand. If you want to eat vege and nonveg food then there is lots of Dhabas and hotel that provides delicious food that you can never forget.


How and when to go?

The best weather to visit Alwar is from October to March. You can also visit around monsoon times.
The nearest airport is Indira Gandhi international airport Delhi. From Jaipur to Alwar is about 162 km and from Delhi, it is 166 km far away.

Apart from Delhi and Jaipur, Alwar is well connected to North India and many cities of Rajasthan by train routes.

You can also visit by taxi, buses and you own cars. Alwar is well connected by roads by Delhi, Jaipur and Bharatpur.

Top Places to visit Alwar

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