Remove Dark Circle, Get fair and Glow Skin in Just 14 Days

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Get fair and Glow Skin in Just 14 Days by following these steps


In this changing phase of today, every person wants that he can make himself beautiful and beautiful so that he can look smart and beautiful and that everybody can be attracted to him, he will be able to use many chemicals that are present in the market. But this product seems to cause a bad effect on their skin, due to which their skin starts getting worse, so today we will tell you about 3 such things that will make your face fair and glow naturally.


Remove Dark Circle, Get fair and Glow Skin in Just 14 Days

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1. Turmeric

Turmeric is used as ayurvedic and natural herb. Therefore, to make your face white, soak the turmeric in water before sleeping at night and make a paste. You have to put this paste on your face so that dust accumulated on your face will start clearing due to soil and your skin will look bright and soft.


2. Lemon Juice


At night, when you put a little lemon juice in coconut oil and massage it well on your face, your face will become beautiful and beautiful.


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3. Multani Clay

Multani clay is also very important in making our skin beautiful and this recipe has been running from the old time, so when you are asleep at night, after placing a lot of clay on your face, wash it with cold water in the morning so that your face is fair And it will begin to become shiny and with this, your skin will become soft and clean.


If you want to make black face fair and glow forever, then put it on the face before sleeping


One thing is certain that no cream colour is fair in the world. Save the skin you have found to make it healthy and attractive. Bleach is available in market creams, which show fair for the same time. If the experts believe that by adopting some small home remedies, then the skin can be brought to the same level as fairness cream. The first way to massage the body with turmeric and creamy paste and then after bathing with cold water. As it becomes white, the skin grows faster.



Saffron leaves and milk

Mixing leaves of saffron finely and mixing it with raw milk in the skin, it is asana to be fair. Use this remedy only at night.


Use food soda. Make a paste of water mixed in it and two or three drops of hydrogen peroxide or vinegar mixed skin will be cleaned and then the skin will be cleaned.


Remove Dark Circle, Get fair and Glow Skin in Just 14 Days

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Make a paste of ripe banana and raw milk. Then put it for 15 minutes and wash it, these coating makes the dry skin fresh and fresh.


Home Remedy For Dark Circles  

Just put two drops in the night; Dark circles will disappear like never before

Nowadays, you may have seen dark circles on the face of a large number of people. The main reason people are dark circles is the lifestyle of people. Do not sleep well in time and do not eat well in time and stay in more sunlight. Apart from this, there is a lot of reason for working on the computer for a long time. I am going to tell you one such remedy to remove the Dark Circle. Which you just put 2 drops in the night, then the dark circles will disappear like never before.


Remove Dark Circle, Get fair and Glow Skin in Just 14 Days

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Let’s now know how to eliminate these dark circles. Friends, we have to take a spoon allo vera gel first. Aloe vera gel is very good for us. It does not only glow our face, but it also works to erase the facial scars. After that, add olive oil to almost half a teaspoon.


Olive oil is also very important for our skin. After this, now you can break into two capsules of Vitamin E and mix the extracts inside them and mix it together.


Remove Dark Circle, Get fair and Glow Skin in Just 14 Days

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Now prepare this mixture well. After this, massage this mixture well above the dark circles while sleeping. After massage, leave it and keep it overnight. Wake up in the morning and clean the face with fresh water. Doing so will end your Dark Circle very soon. Let us tell you that this two drop mixture is very important to you. It eliminates any dark circles of your face very soon.


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